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At ClickPoint we take a consultative approach to make sure your needs are handled and a test environment is provided to verify lead deliverability, lead process times, and that lead cleansing expectations are satisfied. We will work with your team to provide a detailed project plan and to implement a strategy that works with your business needs. ClickPoint offers a team of technicians willing and able to help you achieve your lead distribution goals. With our drag and drop lead distribution tools it's already easy to setup your lead distribution rules.

If you need assistance in achieving your desired results our dedicated technician can help with:

  1. Lead distribution rules » With LeadExec the rules for lead delivery are virtually unlimited. Making sure you have a deliverability rate above 95% is essential. Let us help you.
  2. Posts » You can either build your own posts using our wizard or employ ClickPoint technicians to set up outbound posts for you in a matter of hours not days or weeks.
  3. Lead type changes » Setting up new lead types easily is paramount in a fast paced marketing environment. You can make changes in minutes with our lead type wizard.
  4. Forms and landing pages » ClickPoint offers programming services and specialized technicians that can help you deploy landing pages and set up posts from landing pages into LeadExec. We even feature a landing page library for you to choose from free samples designed by professional web-developers.
  5. Lead post documentation » If you have a marketing partner or lead source that wants to deliver leads to your system directly, we can generate posting docs for you in real-time and help your third party with their post.
  6. Deliverability rate » Deliverability rate typically is determined by delivery criteria. You may have applicants that are in non-serviced areas or there may be gaps in coverage. We can help you tailor deliverability methods that get these applicants to the right place and ensure your customers are being responded to by your sales and support teams.
  7. Speed » Lead distribution speed can be optimized by databases structure, delivery rules, client groups, and techniques that ClickPoint staff have developed to keep your leads delivered in seconds to your sales teams.
  8. Lead scoring » LeadExec boasts one of the most affordable yet powerful lead scoring systems available. We can help you design a system that delivers the very best leads to your sales team while removing leads that waste their valuable time.
  9. Analytics » Our team of technicians will help you setup analytics that help you make educated decisions about CPC and marketing goals. We will assist in the setup of analytics on all of your landing pages and create reports for your management team that help you determine which campaigns are a success.

Our team can help you reach your desired goals no matter how big or small. We offer tech support through live chat, phone, e-mail, and we offer after hours support for emergencies. We are there to help you when you need it most. We will assign to your account a dedicated support representative that has been trained in all of the above listed areas. In fact, our technical support specialists achieve no less than 20 hours of training per quarter on topics like:

  • HTML, Java Script
  • HTTP posts, dynamic XML posts
  • Lead deliverability optimization
  • Lead type changes

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