Free guide: Closing the Loop: Integrate Marketing Automation, Lead Management and CRM

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Circular thinking for marketers

Mostly, people think in straight lines. Some find lateral thinking good for innovation and problem solving. However, for some problems, the best solution is circular thinking. That’s the best way to approach combining Marketing Automation (MA), Lead Management Automation (LMA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

The free guide ‘Closing the Loop: Integrate Marketing Automation, Lead Management and CRM’ discusses how correctly looping MA, LMA and CRM tools enables an organization to improve three key sales and marketing metrics – Quality, Conversion and Quantity. Our latest guide covers:

  • Recognizing your situation
  • Preserving investment in existing software and data
  • Key considerations when identifying a good solution:
    • Inbound marketing channels
    • Mobile enablement
    • Convergence

Quite simply, downloading ‘Closing the Loop: Integrate Marketing Automation, Lead Management and CRM’ helps VPs and managers responsible for sales and marketing to understand how to close the loop and achieve a completely joined up lead conversion process.

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5 ways to make sure sales people keep their minds on the job

posted on Jun 05, 2015 by in Lead Management

Keeping sales engaged and motivated

Keeping sales teams motivated is sometimes difficult. Sure, you can incentivize. You can tweak the reward program or create breaks on the comp plan with better rewards for those with higher conversion rates. But sometimes this isn’t enough. Here’s another way of thinking about it…

1. Prevent sales going to sleep on the job

Provide your sales teams with fresh, hot leads fast, that is in around 2 and a half minutes of when an inquiry is received

2. Stop call center sales taking ‘legendary lunch breaks’

Keep call center sales hungry for sales by giving them quality leads that let them see top-end comp plan rewards as realistic and achievable

3. Stop sales thinking: “I’ve called three times but this one just ain’t buying!”

Use outbound nurturing activity to keep sales working on inquiries from those that are proving stubborn to convert by automating re-contact

4. Stop mobile sales taking a long detour to their favorite lunch spot

Feed mobile salespeople details of eager prospects ready to buy, straight to their mobile devices with one touch calling and turn-by-turn instructions

5. Cure ‘TGI Friday syndrome’ and stop sales knocking off early for the weekend

Keep sales fired up by providing a constant stream of good qualified leads, scored and distributed to the most appropriate team members

Make sure sales keeps its mind on the job with ClickPoint

ClickPoint Lead Management software automation provides the tools you need to keep your sales teams locked in and fully engaged with the job at hand. ClickPoint provides the high quality leads your call center sales teams need to deliver outstanding sales performance.

ClickPoint solutions for mobile deliver the same great lead management information, optimized so field sales can easily put it to use with Apple iPhones and iPads.

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A great landing page is where you start, then it’s all about lead management

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Lead generation a science expressed as the art of the landing page








The science of lead generation continues to evolve. Many organizations now have the design of webpages to maximize clicks and generate leads down to a fine art. Talented user experience (UX) designers are essential members of any web team. Some of the techniques and content that need to be considered when making the best performing lead-gen landing pages include:

  • Split testing
  • Clear, strong single calls to action
  • Big buttons positioned high up
  • Compelling proof points
  • Social proof ratings
  • Success stories

But once you have the leads pouring in, you need to make sure that you don’t squander the opportunity to maximize the return. After all, you invested in your landing pages, and the SEO and PPC to pull prospects there in the first place. Now you want to make sure you get the true value back by following up and converting leads as efficiently as possible.

Defining lead management efficiency

But what does ‘efficient’ actually mean when we talk about lead management? Some key points that define lead management efficiency include:

  • A single real-time view of all leads
    • Being able to have an instant, up-to-date view of all prospects in one place
  • Effective lead scoring and distribution
    • Each lead is scored and distributed to the most appropriate sales team or person
  • Speed to contact
    • Calling prospects within 5 minutes is a best practice extrapolated from research data
  • Mobile lead management optimization
    • Delivering leads to mobile sales people for rapid face-to-face follow-up
  • Nurturing leads not quite ready to buy
    • Making sure prospects are called the optimal number of times to convert the sale

 Lead management efficiency with a capital ‘E’ from ClickPoint

ClickPoint software automation enables sales operations to get a single real-time view, score and distribute leads. It also offers rapid follow-up with a call center agent or field sales, as well as nurtures leads received from calls, emails and landing pages (company and referral websites). In short, ClickPoint lead management solutions help you to obtain true value from the investment you make in driving traffic to your landing pages and making those pages effective at lead-gen.

Click here to find out why the LeadsCouncil, the online lead generation association, went on the record to say ClickPoint is “an amazing piece of software”.

11 metrics that show lead management is an open and shut case

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Guilty as charged!

A sense of justice is ingrained in all of us. Most people have a value and belief system that wants to see justice served by an open, fair and transparent process. Many question anything described as an ‘open and shut case’.

However, when it comes to a solid approach to selling, as many as 45% of businesses are dead to rights when charged with failing to take control of their sales process!

Here are 11 metrics that make the adoption of lead management an open and shut case…

1. Leads that are called in the first 5 minutes…

…increases the ability to convert to a sale by 200% (Source: MIT)

2. 35-50% of sales go to…

…the vendor that is first to respond (Source:

3. Companies with mature…

…lead generation and management practices have a 9.3% higher sales quota achievement rate (Source: CSO Insights)

4. 45% of businesses claim…

…they do not have standardized sales and marketing processes (Source: Forrester Research)

5. 90% of sales leads are won…

…on the 7th call (Source: ClickPoint Software)

6. Of the 80% not ready to buy…

…79% will never be followed up (Source: Marketing Sherpa)

7. Only 13-20% of leads are ready…

…to buy now and lead management is built to respond to this pain point (Source: ClickPoint Software)

8. 80% of sales agents have…

…given up on leads by the 3rd attempted contact

9. 79% of leads never…

…convert to sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of poor performance. (Source: Marketing Sherpa)

10. Lead Nurturing produces a 20%…

…increase in sales opportunities (Source: DemandGen Report)

11. Implementing lead nurturing…

…decreases cost per lead by 33% (Source: Marketo)

Case closed: Lead Management with ClickPoint

Don’t be guilty of failing to take control of your sales process. ClickPoint helps exploit the best practice extrapolated from these metrics. Our solution structures a consistent approach, ensuring a rapid response to inquiries and maximizing conversion by nurturing prospects not ready to buy through the sales cycle.

Whether you are a national franchise selling B2C residential services to home owners, a US based international boutique business selling big ticket luxury items, or anything in between, ClickPoint lets you establish a winning sales process.

Click here to see case studies of some of our clients that have successfully turned it around when it comes to taking control of their sales process!

Speed to contact – the lead metric of lead generation management

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A long time ago in a pre-digital world…

Imagine a time before the Internet, email, social media and mobile devices and all the digital stuff we take for granted today. Thirty years ago, if you went on a training course for advertising space with any publishing company of newspapers, magazines or periodicals, a basic scenario was often put to newbies:

Supposing you have a potential sale to one of your accounts, but it breaks down during negotiation. The client gets upset and hangs up. What do you do?

A. Call the potential customer right back


B. Give the client 10 minutes to cool down and then call back

The answer is A. The reason?

If you don’t call back right away the client is going to call a competitor to place the ad, or a competitor is going to get lucky and just happen to call the client and catch them when they are vulnerable. Either way, that ad sale is not coming your way.

If we fast forward to today, research shows that when it comes to following up leads, the same principle applies.

If we fast forward to today, research shows that when it comes to following up leads, the same principle applies.

Call back immediately, or one of your competitors will, or the impatient prospect will call someone else.

Lead management software provides the ability to bring together sales leads submitted through channels such as your website and call centers to be scored and distributed to your sales teams for immediate action.

Speed matters

Whether it’s across call center operations with thousands of agents in regional offices, or a globally represented luxury or franchised brand, lead management provides the actionable data to keep your sales teams acting as quickly as possible to meet the demand of prospects that are keen to make a buying decision.

The best solutions score and distribute leads to the most appropriate sales people in less than 3 minutes. Today’s research shows two facts that support the logic of accelerating callback with a lead management solution:

  • Calling back within 5 minutes increases conversion rates by 200%
  • 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that calls back first

Call back faster with ClickPoint

ClickPoint lets you maximize conversion rates by enabling rapid call back of leads that are distributed according to lead management best practices. Typically, we double call back rates and produce call back times as low as 2.5 minutes, significantly outperforming the best practice figure of 5 minutes.

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