Free guide: Closing the Loop: Integrate Marketing Automation, Lead Management and CRM

posted on Jul 01, 2015 by in Lead Management, Sales Automation

Circular thinking for marketers

Mostly, people think in straight lines. Some find lateral thinking good for innovation and problem solving. However, for some problems, the best solution is circular thinking. That’s the best way to approach combining Marketing Automation (MA), Lead Management Automation (LMA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

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5 ways to make sure sales people keep their minds on the job

posted on Jun 05, 2015 by in Lead Management

Keeping sales engaged and motivated

Keeping sales teams motivated is sometimes difficult. Sure, you can incentivize. You can tweak the reward program or create breaks on the comp plan with better rewards for those with higher conversion rates. But sometimes this isn’t enough. Here’s another way of thinking about it…

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A great landing page is where you start, then it’s all about lead management

posted on Jun 03, 2015 by in Lead Generation, Lead Management

Lead generation a science expressed as the art of the landing page

The science of lead generation continues to evolve. Many organizations now have the design of webpages to maximize clicks and generate leads down to a fine art. Talented user experience (UX) designers are essential members of any web team.

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Speed to contact – the lead metric of lead generation management

posted on May 28, 2015 by in Lead Management, Lead Nurturing


A long time ago in a pre-digital world…


Imagine a time before the Internet, email, social media and mobile devices and all the digital stuff we take for granted today. Thirty years ago, if you went on a training course for advertising space with any publishing company of newspapers, magazines or periodicals, a basic scenario was often put to newbies:

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