3 ways Scoreboards uses gamification to drives sales

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Making sales more enjoyable and motivating

Gamification is a bit of a buzz topic. Although it’s a buzz, it certainly is no passing fad. It’s being applied in businesses in a wide variety of areas to make systems, service and activities more enjoyable and motivating.

Gamification techniques are designed to leverage people’s natural desires for socializing, learning and mastery, competition, achievement, status and self-expression, as well as giving something back to communities or society.

At ClickPoint we integrate elements of gamification into our Lead Management solution through the use of Scoreboards. Scoreboards is a reporting feature that shows the success of individuals and the team as a whole. Here are 3 ways this helps to drive sales.

1. Better employee engagement

Scoreboards provide a strong hook to engage sales agents more deeply in their job. Simply knowing their performance is being shared across the team and with management provides a powerful call to action. If you think your sales agents would benefit from being more deeply locked into the business to hand, then Scoreboards is the tool you need.

2. Promotes sales team socialization

Scoreboards encourages higher levels of social interaction within a team. This is an important element in stimulating the team as a whole. When a team has increased levels of socialization, the members are more likely to work harder for each other to help the team win group rewards. Scoreboards supports better collaborative working in the pursuit of team goals.

3. Motivate sales team performance

Scoreboards lets employees see their performance relative to other members of the team. Stimulating individuals to set higher personal goals and being able to see a real-time indication of the progress towards achieving those goals is highly motivational. Scoreboards simply let you harness the natural competitive streak of career salespeople.

ClickPoint Scoreboards helps you win more deals

ClickPoint Lead Management software automation provides an excellent set of integrated features to win more deals. Sales Scripts, CRM, notifications, dialing out, email marketing, analytics and mobile are all combined with Scoreboards to create one of the most comprehensive Lead Management sales and marketing cloud applications on the market.

To see how ClickPoint helps you win more deals, just click this link to sign up for a no risk 30 day test drive of our sales team solution, SalesExec.

Free Guide: 5 Lead Management Best Practices to help win more sales in 30 days

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In this guide you will learn:

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  • How to be time efficient
  • What lead scoring is and how to use it

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