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  • ClickPoint releases a TCPA compliance solution for marketers, call centers, and sales teams.
    on October 10, 2013

    tcpa-new-3.8ClickPoint Software, an industry leader that provides lead management software to marketers, sales teams and call centers, unveils its solution this week to provide TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) best practices in response to their newest update to existing requirements.  The online lead generation industry, sales industry, and call centers are all affected by these new TCPA compliance requirements. These TCPA compliance requirements go into effect on October 16th, 2013 in ways that will require both time and resource allocation.  Finding solutions that enable compliance, while not degrading operational efficiency, will be of the utmost importance to all companies that provide leads to their sales force and to marketers who supply leads to lead buyers.

    ClickPoint has built a patent pending lead certification solution that enables both lead sellers and lead buyers to certify leads that are obtained on websites, web-forms, or by third party lead capture forms.  The solution ensures that consent text is present on a website, and that consent to be called on their mobile device by an automated dialing solution was given by a consumer visiting a website or landing page.  The ClickPoint solution captures analytic data such as time on site, pages visited, IP address, and confirms that a consumer did provide express consent by accepting the consent terms of service shown on a website.

    • The solution responds to the TCPA compliance guidelines by providing real-time verification of consumer consent, location of the consumers IP address to reduce fraudulent submissions, and real-time mobile phone status, while preserving the consent for a period of at least 5 years.
    • Additionally, the solution allows sales teams to continue operating efficiently by identifying consumers who have supplied a mobile phone and consent to be called using their mobile phone number.  If a mobile phone is supplied without consent, the consumer will be flagged and unable to be called unless done so by manual operation.
    • The solution provides easily printable documents that contain consumer location, consent, IP address, time on site, and additional items in order to show that consent was provided and verifications stored in a secure location.

    “With the new laws taking effect on October 16th, 2013, it is important that software solution providers present proactive solutions to their clients rather than simply updating their terms and conditions.  While it may be scary navigating through the law and its implications, we believe it is our duty to responsibly provide solutions now,” said Gabriel Buck, CEO of ClickPoint Software.





    You can read more about the upcoming laws here or review the ClickPoint white-paper here.  The ClickPoint whitepaper details specific steps to take in order to fulfill the TCPA requirements and shows you how to use the patent pending ClickPoint solution.

    TCPA Information

    Congress enacted the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), 42 U.S.C. §§ 227 et seq. in 1991 as response to a growing number of consumer complaints regarding telemarketing calls.  Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has implemented rules and regulations that define “telemarketing” as “the initiation of a telephone call or message for the purpose of encouraging the purchase or rental of, or investment in, property, goods, or services, which is transmitted to any person.”  47 C.F.R. § 64.1200(f) (12).

    As the telemarketing industry has expanded, the FCC has adopted additional protections that include restrictions on autodialed calls or text messages as well as pre-recorded messages. Autodialed calls are defined as calls involving a live person or pre-recorded message that is placed by an automatic telephone dialing system that has the capacity to produce, store and call telephone numbers using a random or sequential number generator. This definition is broad enough to include “click-to-dial” systems as well.  On October 16th, 2013, a telemarketer, salesperson, or marketer will be required to obtain express written consent for all autodialed calls or text messages as well as pre-recorded messages made to a residential landline as well as to cell phones for marketing purposes. Compliance with the Federal E-Sign Act (15 U.S.C. § 7001, et seq.) satisfies this requirement by use of agreements obtained via email, website form, text message, telephone keypress or voice recording. To comply with the new rule, the consumer must receive a “clear and conspicuous disclosure” that the customer will receive future calls that deliver autodialed and/or pre-recorded telemarketing messages on behalf of a specific marketer; that the customer’s consent is not a condition of purchase; and that the customer must designate a phone number at which to be contacted.

  • ClickPoint Software – August News You Can Use!
    on August 29, 2013

    “The ClickPoint development team is moving very fast to get our web version of LeadExec completed and ready for beta testing. We are also in the planning stages to launch a new IVR phone routing solution and integrate with more companies that can drive value like TheOfferMachine. The integration with TheOfferMachine has opened up the potential of launching LeadExec quic1kly and offering a full service solution with more landing page and form options. We can now launch an offer in EDU that would take developers weeks or months to get off the ground. The new Welcome Kit is also a great tool to help customers get going as quickly as possible. If you get a chance please download the kit and let us know what you think.”

    – Gabriel Buck, CEO, ClickPoint Software

    LeadsCon in NYC

    August is turning out to be one of our busiest months at ClickPoint Software. We attended LeadsCon in NYC and then Affiliate Summit in Philadelphia. We met so many of our piers, current clients, and future clients. Most importantly we learned a lot. We listened intently during face-to-face meetings with many of our clients and learned so much about opportunities where we can help clients drive more leads and value from LeadExec.

    Where will we be next? - LeadsCon West, Las Vegas (February 2014)

    LeadsCon 2013 - NY

    LeadExec Welcome Kit

    One thing we heard from clients was that we need more documentation for LeadExec.  We had already been in production with our new welcome kit. The new welcome kit is already helping clients get off the ground fast, take a look.

    Click Here to get your copy – It has everything you need to utilize LeadExec to the fullest.

    August Updates: LeadExec

    • LeadExec Web - The ClickPoint development team is still on schedule for an October 1st, Beta release of LeadExec web. I am thrilled with the way it is turning out. We have asked for feedback from so many clients so that we don’t miss the mark. A major focus is using powerful new reporting features to pull leads and data faster than ever before.
    • TheOfferMachine.com Integration – ClickPoint Software and TheOfferMachine.com announced a joint partnership to provide a complete front-to-back lead generation solution. Read about it here.
    • July Update: We just completed our Lead Distribution Buyer Guide and its now available. Feel free to share with anyone and give us feedback.

    August Updates: SalesExec

    • Our New Lead Distribution System just went live on August 26th! If you interested in a demo please email gabe@clickpointsoftware.com
    • We also have exciting reseller opportunities in many verticals like mortgage and insurance.
    • Default Best Practices for Insurance, Mortgage, Debt.

    Future Updates:

    • Prioritized Lead Screen – This week
    • Email opened view on the LMS - This week
    • Updated appointment view – Next Week
    • Updates lead history with more detail – Next Week
    • Criteria for Lead Sources – Next week
    • Custom Pivot Grid Reporting – In Development slated for 4th quarter

  • New LeadExec Welcome Kit is Now Available!
    on August 27, 2013

    If you have ever launched a lead distribution solution you know as well as I do, that it can be daunting. With LeadExec 4.0 and our new web version set to release in October, we are doing everything we can to simplify the process. Once you come on board we want you to have a detailed welcome kit that allows you to do as much or as little work as possible before meeting with our team. Yes, we love to train our clients but we also want to empower you to use the software and we think our new welcome kit is step in the right direction.

    We separated the kit into a Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced section. If you jump to the LeadExec training page you can easily click on each section and it will take you to the section that matters most to you. Additionally, we also provided a priority sections that tell you where to access the specific section in our software and it also gives you a link to the specific section in the document. We hope that this layout and the PDF index will give all of our customers quick access to the content that will help them most.


    Click Here to get the new LeadExec welcome kit

    We would love your feedback and to hear if there is any way that we can improve our welcome kit.


    ClickPoint Staff

  • What is lead distribution and why should you care?
    on August 21, 2013


    I love this topic, because frankly it’s one that never gets old for me. Decentralize lead distribution is the term that applies here, and it is what put ClickPoint on the map. Why does decentralized lead distribution matter? Yawn, I get it. You are bored already. Please read the next two paragraphs and I promise you won’t still want to kill me.

    Big companies with lots of leads have to move leads, phone calls, and data around to lots of different solutions in order to make everything work. Most large companies that collect a lot of leads need to be able to take leads in from a variety of sources and then they need to sort it, measure it, and then get it to their sales floor as fast as possible. In the past companies would use CRM software to accomplish this task. Well, that might work for a company that has a bunch of salespeople in a couple of locations but not companies with lots of branches, franchisees, call centers, and sales teams. It used to be that you could just require everyone to login to whatever CRM you chose for them. Tada, you’re a hero.
    What happens if you’re a company that has 1,000 or more franchisees, all with different software solutions they are using to manage contacts and leads?
    What happens if you have call centers, internal sales, corporate branches, and franchisees? All with different software solutions and adoption of your software sounds like a root canal to them. Let’s apply the cost to convert them and make them use your shiny new CRM, never mind the backlash for making them use your chosen software. Training, downtime, arguments, frustration, and ultimately failure.

    This is a pain point most corporations face and CRM for all of its great accomplishments is not built to distribute leads from the solution to other solutions. CRM software is a centralize solution with no real way to send data or leads from it and play nicely with other solutions. Many have tried to Frankenstein a CRM solution and many have failed.

    So how do you accomplish this type of data distribution? You have to be able to handle large scale data and in real-time distribute it to other solutions. You have to be able to ensure all of this data reaches its end destination and it really needs to get there in a matter of seconds, not minutes, or hours.


    • Capture data from landing pages, website, phone, call centers, direct mail
    • Sort date, filter data, distribute data in real-time to various software solutions
    • Be able to perform various data transmission types
    • HTTP post for some CRM’s
    • XML for many newer CRM’s
    • GET or SOAP post for some older CRM’s
    • Possibly ping and post for certain verticals
    • For those on your sales team or franchisees that have no CRM or lead management solution in place
    • deliver data and leads via email
    • Deliver in-bound phone calls in real-time using call routing
    • Record calls, track calls, setup complex call flows
    • Track if data made to other solutions and ensure successful delivery
    • Track ROI, activities, and be able to measure data that was delivered

    If this sounds like an insane list of requirements this is what most of our corporate clients need when they come to us. Most lead distribution solutions are built to handle parts of this but very few combine everything into one solution. For a marketing executive thinking about implementing something like this seems daunting and it can be. Implementation can take a month to 6 months or more depending on the amount of integration work that needs to be done. Is it worth it? Well, think about the costs associated with running an internal system.

    Pain Points:

    Likely, there is a team of developers that come and go and have been building on top of the existing system for years.

    • Outages are frequent
    • Reporting takes a day or two and is cumbersome
    • Updates like getting a new lead source take a week and a statement of work to be added
    • Likely there are many manual functions like retrieving reports or importing data
    • There are most likely breakdowns on a monthly basis

    If this sounds familiar it should. We encounter it with every corporate team we meet that has an internal solution. It’s not a bad idea to build internally but it’s not the core business. You built because you had no other choice. You had no way to compare the cost to do it internally vs. an outside provider.

  • Respond to new leads and leads showing interest faster
    on February 18, 2013


    With SalesExec notifications system you now have the ability to turn your lead management system into a central command unit.  We have built a dynamic notification system that sends push notifications for major events that occur in the lead lifecycle.

    Here are some of the major notification types:

    New Lead or New Pull Available

    • Your agents will be informed in real-time via email, model window, and are able to pull leads within seconds of them hitting your lead management system.


    • Always be informed and ready for appointments and improve your agents ability to handle lots of appointments.  Additionally with our shared calendars you can easily increase the number of appointments an appointment setter can make for your sales team.

    Opened Email

    • Know instantly when a potential lead opens an email.  This tool is extremely valuable and helps your sales team know when to present new material to leads in the nurture process.


    With email notifications your sales agents can see how many new leads have been assigned to them and how many emails have been opened.  You can build nurture campaigns and marketing campaigns around open messages and increase your closing ability by as much as 20% or more.