6 ways to take control of TCPA compliance

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TCPA compliance means better lead quality

There’s two ways to look at compliance. It can be a problem because it creates unnecessary red tape. It can also be a positive because it helps to eliminate unfair practices and improves quality. When it comes to marketing and lead generation the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is the regulatory code.

This governs how companies may communicate with consumers via text message, calls to mobile devices and prerecorded messages to landlines, when using automated telephone dialing systems. There are precise rules when communicating commercial messages. Since October 2013 commercial messaging requires the recipient’s “express written consent”.

For online marketers capturing consumer contact data through landing pages this creates a need for solution that enables both lead sellers and lead buyers to certify leads obtained via websites, web-forms, or by third party lead capture forms in line with TCPA rules.

Here are 6 ways ClickPoint helps you to take control of TCPA compliance.

With ClickPoint Lead Management software, marketers and sales teams meet TCPA compliance by:

1. Providing the correct wording

Ensures the correct TCPA consent text is present on websites

2. Making sure consent is given

Consent to be called on their mobile device by an automated dialing solution was given by a consumer visiting a website or landing page

3. Capturing analytic data

Captures time on site, pages visited, IP address, and confirms a consumer provided express consent by accepting the consent terms of service shown on websites

4. Providing real-time verification of consumer consent

Records the location of the IP address to reduce fraudulent submissions, real-time mobile phone status, and preserves the consent for a period of at least 5 years

5. Documenting consent for audits

Easily printable documents contain consumer location, consent, IP address, time on site, and other data to show consent was provided and verifications stored in a secure location

6. Making sales team operations efficient

Identifies consumers who supplied a mobile number and consented to be called on it; mobile numbers without consent are flagged as non-compliant for auto-dialer based operations and need to be manually dialed

ClickPoint TCPA compliance means better quality leads

Ultimately, TCPA compliance is all about lead quality. ClickPoint provides better quality leads to improve sales performance, and reduce CPA while increasing overall efficiency by ensuring time and money is not wasted chasing down poor quality leads.

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Beyond headline metrics: Keeping sales motivated

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Creating deeper engagement to motivate sales

Creating engagement across sales teams is one of the big challenges for sales oriented businesses of all kinds.

Fun-based, competition driven, team building cultures are embraced by many businesses. A good example is Domino’s Pizza where this approach is an intrinsic part of the employee retention strategy. It has proved highly effective in driving employee performance with the most successful progressing through management training to go on and build up their own chains of Domino’s franchises over careers measured in decades.

Despite such success, for some observers, such tactics may be likened to a form of corporate brainwashing. Whatever your view, this approach isn’t for all companies and it’s certainly not for all employees. There is a need to be smarter and look beyond headline metrics and simple tactics and find innovative, unique and more interesting ways to create deeper engagement to motivate sales.

Predicted growth of inside sales by 2020

Internet connected smartphones and tablets are continuing to increase market penetration, enabling the online inquiry channel for consumers and driving lead-gen for businesses. Analysis of US Census data suggests there are 5.662 million inside and outside sales professionals in the US, with a split of about 45/55 outside sales/inside sales. This gap is set to grow wider, the trend for inside sales increasing with outside sales decreasing, as the combined number of salespeople grows to in excess of 6 million predicted for 2020.

Within the framework for performance set by a company for its field sales operatives, outside salespeople enjoy a little freedom. However, when it comes to inside sales, such freedoms may be absent. Almost every inside sales agent activity can be tracked. From time logged in, to average time on each call, to conversion rates, it can all be measured and crunched to identify the best performer for any given performance parameter. Coupled with the repetitive nature of the job, being subjected to continual real-time assessment day after day may de-motivate employees.

In the near future, with the need to keep increasing numbers of inside sales agents motivated in an environment that many more may find de-motivating, the employee engagement challenge is set to increase.

Gamification as a motivational tool for sales teams

One of the tactics increasingly being used to successfully motivate sales teams is gamification. The competitive nature of sales people has long been recognized. Gamification distils and formalizes this understanding and uses it to incentivize performance.

Gamification supports engagement and motivation by getting agents and teams to focus on higher-value sales activity. Employee performance data is then used imaginatively to create the reward schemes and comp plan enhancements to motivate employees in new and exciting ways.

To find out more about how ClickPoint provides the data to help you gamify your sales operation to create deeper engagement and motivate your inside and outside sales agents, simply email SupportTeam@clickpointsoftware.com or phone us on 1 (866) 372-9431.

Click here to see what leading IT analyst Gartner says about the widespread use of gamification is used in 2015.

Quality, Quantity or Both: How to have your Lead-Gen Cake and Eat it!

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Quality Management of hard and soft products

Quality Management is an important business process. However, it’s easy to think of ‘quality’ as an attribute exclusive to manufactured physical products. Of course, manufacturing and production is where the principles of quality management were first forged.

The foundations were laid down by American engineering process expert Professor W. Edwards Deming as he helped with the post WWII re-construction of Japan. OK enough history, but next time you marvel at the finish of your favorite tech gizmo, remember we owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Deming!

The digital age has brought us software products. To ensure consistency of performance software engineering is also governed by quality management processes such as Agile software development. Generally speaking this enables software to be rapidly developed while being fit for the purpose intended and free from bugs. (We practice Agile here at ClickPoint…)

Data quality and quantity

With software comes data, and its quality can also be determined. Whether its top sources of trusted business and economic news like The Washington Post, WSJ or the BBC, or Business Intelligence (BI) gathered from the information systems across a business, data quality is an exceptionally important consideration when we are making business decisions.

In the sales environment, high quality lead generation data is very valuable business information. Today’s sales teams need sufficient quantities of high quality leads. Generating leads in volume is one thing, but generating high quality leads is another.

Quality first

Given that lead-gen activity naturally produces sales opportunity data of variable quality, we need to be able to understand the factors that influence quality and apply them. Quality measures enable specific elements of the data to be evaluated. The process of Lead Scoring allows quality to be determined and leads to be graded.

Quantity second

Once you have fine-tuned your process for determining data quality, you can then concentrate on increasing quantity. As well as print advertising and direct mail and email marketing, you can design your lead gen web landing pages to be more impactful and effective. You can buy more leads from lead sellers. Whichever channels your increased volume of leads come down, lead scoring enables you to determine the quality of every single one.

Get lead-gen quality and quantity with ClickPoint

ClickPoint solutions let you grade the quality of your leads with lead scoring and increase the quantity by integrating email and direct marketing activity. Leads received through data capture forms on landing pages and lead data sourced directly from lead sellers can all be lead scored to determine their quality. With ClickPoint it’s not a question of quality or quantity. By delivering both quality and quantity, ClickPoint lets you have your Lead-Gen Cake and eat it!

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