Speed to contact – the lead metric of lead generation management

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A long time ago in a pre-digital world…

Imagine a time before the Internet, email, social media and mobile devices and all the digital stuff we take for granted today. Thirty years ago, if you went on a training course for advertising space with any publishing company of newspapers, magazines or periodicals, a basic scenario was often put to newbies:

Supposing you have a potential sale to one of your accounts, but it breaks down during negotiation. The client gets upset and hangs up. What do you do?

A. Call the potential customer right back


B. Give the client 10 minutes to cool down and then call back

The answer is A. The reason?

If you don’t call back right away the client is going to call a competitor to place the ad, or a competitor is going to get lucky and just happen to call the client and catch them when they are vulnerable. Either way, that ad sale is not coming your way.

If we fast forward to today, research shows that when it comes to following up leads, the same principle applies.

If we fast forward to today, research shows that when it comes to following up leads, the same principle applies.

Call back immediately, or one of your competitors will, or the impatient prospect will call someone else.

Lead management software provides the ability to bring together sales leads submitted through channels such as your website and call centers to be scored and distributed to your sales teams for immediate action.

Speed matters

Whether it’s across call center operations with thousands of agents in regional offices, or a globally represented luxury or franchised brand, lead management provides the actionable data to keep your sales teams acting as quickly as possible to meet the demand of prospects that are keen to make a buying decision.

The best solutions score and distribute leads to the most appropriate sales people in less than 3 minutes. Today’s research shows two facts that support the logic of accelerating callback with a lead management solution:

  • Calling back within 5 minutes increases conversion rates by 200%
  • 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that calls back first

Call back faster with ClickPoint

ClickPoint lets you maximize conversion rates by enabling rapid call back of leads that are distributed according to lead management best practices. Typically, we double call back rates and produce call back times as low as 2.5 minutes, significantly outperforming the best practice figure of 5 minutes.

Click here to find out more about lead management best practice.

The Story of Mobile-Enabled Lead Management

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Ever wondered if there is a better way forward for mobile sales?

Field sales people tend to be solo operators. Although they may receive support from office based co-workers, much of their time is spent working in isolation. For most, their car, pick-up or truck becomes a mobile office. Many of them experience a sense of frustration at the limited resources in an office.

And we’re not talking about access to water coolers and Xerox machines here! Access to software and data is extremely important for office and mobile based sales. Sure, emails and voice calls to mobile devices help field sales to liaise and get support from office based teams. However, this can be disconnected and often unsatisfactory, making mobile sales people wonder whether perhaps there isn’t a better way?

Stop wondering and start believing!

Our latest guide ‘The Story of Mobile-Enabled Lead Management: High Conversion Rates of a B2C Field Service Company’ helps you to stop wondering and start believing! It’s not simply a case of delivering the same full blown applications and data you provide to call center sales teams. You need to deliver just the right bits to let them get the job done. Touchscreen mobile devices need clean and clear layouts and big buttons.

In this guide we tell the story of how mobile–enabled lead management software helps a B2C residential business to deliver the same great service that has made it successful, while up-scaling the business.

Discover a better way to support field sales with ClickPoint

The Story of Mobile-Enabled Lead Management: High Conversion Rates of a B2C Field Service Company’ shows how mobile-enabled lead management helps you exploit best practice for sales that have been extrapolated from statistics and research into lead management.

The guide shows how delivering the right information in the right way helps mobile sales people to operate effectively and efficiently. Find a better way to support your mobile salespeople with ClickPoint today.

Download the guide ‘The Story of Mobile-Enabled Lead Management: High Conversion Rates of a B2C Field Service Company’ for free by clicking here.

ClickPoint SalesExec New Features: Calendar and Appointment

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Overview of updates to Calendar and Appointments

ClickPoint is pleased to release several updates for Sales Exec Calendar and Appointments.

These updates provide greater flexibility in displaying the calendar and makes it easier to understand and control calendar sharing.

This updates Calendar and Appointment in three feature areas:

  • Calendar View
  • Calendar Share and Permissions
  • Appointment and Notifications

Calendar View benefit and features

  • Lets you view each Calendar in the following styles: Day, Work Week, Week and Month and the default is set to display “Day-Today” (the current day of the week)
  • “My Calendar” – Button provides one click navigation back to your calendar
  • Date Picker – Displays a calendar icon and once selected lets you pick the date you’d like to see on the calendar
  • Agenda – Displays a quick view of scheduled Appointments along with the date and time

cal_day cal_work_week cal_month


legend cal_date_picker










Calendar Share and Permissions benefit and features

  • Lets you easily see who you’ve shared your calendar with and allows you to control permissions
  • Calendars Shared With You – Displays the name of the person the Calendar is shared with along with a calendar icon
  • Permissions – Lets you select who can view your calendar
  • Request Calendar – Allows for the ability to request the permission to view another agent/users calendar
















Appointment and Notifications benefit and features

  • Lets you easily create and edit as well as understand Appointment workflow while also allowing you to display notifications
  • New Appointment – Lets you create a new Appointment and edit it once created
  • Missed – Displays the number of missed Appointments and lets you edit, delete or mark as completed
  • Notifications – Displays an Alert for Notifications for each calendared user on the main tool bar next to Settings



































Click the following link for full release notes:


ClickPoint SalesExec New Features: Import Leads

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Overview of updates to SalesExec Excel file (.xls) import service

ClickPoint is pleased to release the latest update for SalesExec import service.

This update makes it easier than ever to import leads into SalesExec providing benefits for all of our customers. Leads gathered from other sources such as direct mail activity, third-party systems or manually generated may be brought into SalesExec and managed alongside other leads already contained in the system.

This update includes step-by-step information on the use of this updated feature:

  • Excel file preparation
  • Import Menu
  • Select mapping Settings
  • Mapping

Import Leads – Excel file preparation

Excel file preparation

  • The field names gathered from your lead source must be included in the file to enable correct mapping during the import processExcel file preparation
  • Be certain your Excel file contains the field names as Row 1 Headers with a Description to aid you in mapping the file
  • Save your Excel file to a location you can upload from (example: Desktop)
  • The file must be mapped to import properly into SalesExec


Import Leads – Import Menu

Import Menu

  • From the Main Lead Management Screen select the Import Icon located on the menu bar
  • Once Import is selected, the page is directed to the Import Utility
  • Select Choose File, this will direct you to choose the file from the location you saved the file on your computer. Click Open to Choose the File
  • Select Upload File located to the right of Choose File


Import Leads – Select Mapping Settings

Select Mapping Settings

  • Lead Type – Select the Record Type you chose for the Leads
  • Mapping Preset – New Mapping is the first available choice; previous mapping actions are displayed as a list and can also be selected
  • Mapping Description – Simply name the Mapping for future reference if needed again
  • Lead Source – The Lead Source to be applied to the Leads on the file
  • Import To – Import Records to create Leads (Holding Bin has very specific uses if using Direct Mail)
  • Campaign – Always leave this as the default of Auto Select
  • Workflow – If the leads are new leave Auto Select as the default option; if there is a specific Workflow the files must be imported to, select that Workflow; if there are leads to be uploaded into multiple workflows and there is an Excel column identifying the Workflow, this is Mapped on the next page of the Importer
  • Assign To – Select Auto-Distribute to assign leads to Corporate unless Push Distribution is enabled. You can also specify the user when uploading leads; if you have a column in your Excel file identifying the SalesExec User Name, this is Mapped on the next page of the Importer


Import Leads – Mapping


  • Import Utility proceeds to Map the Columns in your Excel file
  • The Column on the left contains the SalesExec Fields; the second Column from the left names the Columns from the Excel file being imported
  • SalesExec Field maps to the Column Header identified in the Excel file; to ensure error-free Mapping it is advisable to duplicate naming – Example: FirstName (SalesExec Field Name) / FirstName (Excel File Column Header)
  • Map all Field Names to match Excel Column Headers; if there are fields that do not need to be imported select Do Not Import
  • Note – If Do Not Import is not available this field is set as a Required Field in SalesExec
  • Once all mapping is complete select “Validate Mappings”
  • See full release notes for Validation Screen information


Click the following link for full release notes on the Import Leads to SalesExec via Excel file (.xls) update:


3 Tips about Changing Comp Plans When Using Lead Management

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Some compensation plan tips

In any business, good compensation plans are an essential element in maintaining a healthy sales function. Indeed, for many sales professionals, an exciting comp plan may be the single most important motivational device a company possesses. Automating inbound lead management processes often transforms the effectiveness of sales teams. When we say transforms we mean ‘radically increases performance’. This might double your average call rates and increase your conversion rates, drastically changing the total comp earned. It’s a very good idea to review your comp plans. Here are three tips about changing comp plans:

1. Don’t suddenly cap your comp plans

  • Introducing a cap on comp plans is guaranteed to demotivate your sales teams and possibly even invite mutiny
  • Uncapped comp plans provide the promise of ‘unlimited earnings’, an important element in shaping the national work ethic; this is so important it is virtually enshrined in the Constitution, so changing it is pretty much off limits
  • Since the sales are there to support the comp earned, it is really quite unreasonable to consider capping comp

2. Keep your accelerators in place

  • Altering comp plan accelerators is another sure fire demotivator for sales teams
  • Meddling with comp plan accelerators just might make agents take their foot off the gas
  • Leaving your accelerators untouched ensures that your agents remain fully incentivized

3. Consider how best to alter your comp payment schedule

  • Hundreds of agents increasing call rates from 30 to 60 calls per hour with increased conversion rates, is likely to increase the amount of comp you pay out
  • It may be advisable to restructure comp payment schedules because increased comp earned by agents increases cash flow requirements, altering liquidity requirements for working capital

Support for comp plan review and more from ClickPoint

The fact is that for most businesses moving over from a manual process, ClickPoint Lead Management solutions represent transformational change. This often requires you to re-calibrate the baselines of sales performance metrics. Compensation plan review is just one area. Sometimes there are implications for many parts of your business, such as supply chain operations including stock allocation or fulfilment functions. ClickPoint provides automated lead management solutions, as well as guidance to help you manage change when deploying our lead management solution across your organisation. Click here to take a look at the range of standard ClickPoint reports that show lead management metrics.