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  • Respond to new leads and leads showing interest faster
    Written by on February 18, 2013 with No comments

    With SalesExec notifications system you now have the ability to turn your lead management system into a central command unit.  We have built a dynamic notification system that sends push notifications for major events that occur in the lead lifecycle. Here are some of the major notification types: New Lead or New Pull Available Your agents will be informed in real-time via email, model window, and are able to pull leads within seconds of them hitting your lead management system. Appointments Always be informed and ready for appointments and improve your agents ability to handle lots of appointments.  Additionally with our shared calendars you can easily increase the number of appointments an appointment setter can make for your sales team. Opened Email Know instantly when a potential lead opens an email.  This tool is extremely valuable and helps your sales team know when to present new material to leads in… Continue reading →

  • ClickPoint Software wins LEADER award for Best Lead Distribution Solution
    Written by on February 12, 2013 with No comments

    ClickPoint Software, a division of Steinway & Sons, has garnered recognition from two lead industry organizations. Founded in 2007, ClickPoint Software provides sales and marketing professionals with cutting-edge software to manage and nurture leads, marketing campaigns, and gain analytic insight into their sales processes. In January, CEO Gabriel Buck hauled in a prestigious recognition from the Sales Lead Management Association as one of the top 50 influential leaders in the lead management industry.  Other finalists consisted of consultants, business owners, and C-Level executives from technology companies. Buck states: “It is an honor to be recognized, but this award is really shared by all at ClickPoint Software.  We have a great team of developers and support staff that deserves all the credit.  They do a great job every day proving that innovation is possible even in a crowded market.” James Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association said, “These are… Continue reading →

  • Create Stronger Leads with Double Opt-In Verification
    Written by on February 12, 2013 with No comments

    Not only is double-opt in a way to ensure your lead sources are sending verified and accurate leads it also is now a requirement in most of Europe. Think about it. When you buy a lead from a lead source you never really know if the person has any real interest. You might be able to get a verification on the data but not the intent to purchase. With looming TCPA requirements double opt-in confirms interest and also allows you to display the buyers of the lead data that was just confirmed. A good double opt-in system is also equipped  with customized landing pages which provide flexibility in what information is shown to the consumer as well as how it is displayed. Reporting and pivot grid systems provides insight into the results. You can easily see how many emails were sent, leads confirmed, as well as opt-out responses. Leads are… Continue reading →

  • Increase ROI 20% or more with Pull Lead Management
    Written by on February 11, 2013 with No comments

    How do sales team increase sales with pull lead distribution?  This is a question we get quite often at ClickPoint Software.  Additionally why does pull tend to work better than push?  First of all pushing leads to agents assumes your agents are self-motivated to work leads without any oversight.  We all know this doesn’t work. If you expect that you are going to push leads to sales members and they are going to consistently work leads (call and email) the appropriate amount of times you are in for a long ride. Fact: 90% of sales are made on the 7th contact with a lead Fact: 80% of sales agents have given up by only the 3rd contact Question: Given this information do you believe your sales agents are naturally calling the leads your marketing team spends time and lots of money to create? Fact: Calling and making contact with a… Continue reading →

  • Easy-to-use Call Routing, Yep We Got It!
    Written by on February 1, 2013 with No comments

    Have you ever wondered what might happen if you had an easy-to-use call routing solution?  Well, for one you would be able to increase the amount of leads you capture on your website or landing page.  If you have seen some of the existing call flow editors they really make your head hurt and you really can’t make the most use of the system because frankly you need a developer to assist you.  These call flows can be quite extensive. “We wanted to create a system that allowed you to really visualize the process and see how a potential client that was calling your company would step through the entire process”… ClickPoint Chief Architect, Mike Sawyer Here is what our new call routing solution includes: Visual Call Flow Designer • Visual call flow designer within LeadExec allows a customer to create, edit, and view the call flow of an IVR Continue reading →

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