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ClickPoint offers an office environment where leaders may emerge on any given day. While our mission to serve our customers remains constant, we find ways to ensure that our employees are challenged and motivated to create amazing software. At ClickPoint, building great software is a priority but so is ensuring that the culture remains intact. This means creating an awesome office environment.

At ClickPoint every employee has a goal that enables them to immediately impact the future of our company. We have quarterly creative sessions that allow employees to contribute new ideas that can be completely un-related to their work schedule. We have several events per quarter that will motivate and inspire our teams to bring new and fresh ideas which in turn provide future benefit to our customers. We want our employees to be "all in" and contributing 100% because they want to, not because they have to.

ClickPoint Wall of Goals

ClickPoint Wall of Goals
A Winning Culture Designed by Choice, Driven by Passion

Ongoing Training

We firmly believe one of the best ways for team member growth is through ongoing training. We pay for any classes that will help our employees achieve their goals here at ClickPoint. We encourage any classes that will help our team members stretch themselves and create innovative products.


As a new developer, technician, or sales associate we ask you to tell us what you need to get the job done right. As a team member fully invested in the success of ClickPoint we know that dual monitors, comfy chairs, large working spaces, headsets, and software platforms of your choice will make it all the easier for you to contribute to our success much faster.

Community Outreach Program

ClickPoint partners with New Pathway for Youth, an amazing Phoenix non profit dedicated to transforming the lives of youth by providing a foundation of mentoring that supports them in reaching their dreams. You can find ClickPoint employees helping kids build ginger bread houses, secret spy disguises, or providing entertainment to their after school program. We like to encourage active participation in our community and what better way than to spend time with amazing kids that are working hard. Read more here.

Clickpoint Community

On October 29th ClickPoint had their 4th quarter community service event. The team chose to do a lunch and learn at The Tumbleweeds Learning Center. Tumbleweeds is a local organization that serves abused, abandoned, troubled, and neglected youth in the community. The students are males and females between the ages of 11 to 22 who are either homeless, runaways, abandoned, at-risk, or any the above. The topic of our lunch and learn today was the importance of technology, building a great resume, and preparing for life after highschool. Everyone came together at ClickPoint to put on a great presentation that was engaging and motivational for the youth at Tumbleweeds. It looks like based on the student feeback we will be invited back to provide more classes for these amazing students. This event was a great success and we are all very happy to be able to interact with our community in a way that is educational and informative. Here are some pictures of the students with the ClickPoint team. Thanks to everyone at ClickPoint for providing support in many ways to help this event take wings.

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