Integrated Lead Generation, Seamless Integration

With a team of highly skilled programmers at your service, ClickPoint is able to help you integrate any third party or internal software. We offer a robust API and a team to assist you with any integration. We also can help you with a suite of tools we already have integrated into the LeadExec corporate version.

Current Integrations:

  1. Robust Analytics Engine » Integrate CPC, CPA, and CPM metrics
  2. Landing Page Library » Fully integrated forms
  3. Predictive and Power Dialer Integrations » Integrate call metrics
  4. Full integration with Direct Track » Integrate CPA network
  5. Integration with QuickBooks » Integrate Accounting (Coming Q2 2011)
  6. Bi-Directional Integration with SalesExec » Integrate lead management system
  7. Integration with CDYNE » Integrate lead scoring
  8. Fully functional vendor portal » Integrated lead source management
  9. Ad-hoc reporting engine » Integrate list of reports
  10. Integrations with Wufoo and Formstack » Integrate form services / landing pages

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