Lead Generation Software

Generate, manage, distribute and sell leads with minimal setup. Perfect for managing a single campaign, sales team, or multiple lead buyers

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Capture internet leads and phone calls from forms, landing pages, and lead sources instantly.

  • Capture, add, and import internet leads instantly
  • Manage and setup new lead sources quickly
  • Capture and route phone calls with local or 800 #’s
  • Create live call transfers from dialing software
Leads Capturing

LeadExec certifies consumer intent and removes up to 27% on avg. of fraudulent leads

  • Dynamic consent text verification system for TCPA
  • IP address verification with mapping
  • Consumer analytic information like URL, time on site, and operating system
  • Reverse phone and mobile phone detection
  • Address appending and lookup

LeadExec delivered nearly 8 million internet leads and phone calls in 2012

  • Distribute leads or route phone calls into any CRM or lead management solution
  • Route leads via: round robin, weighted, percentage lead distribution
  • Ping and post, HTTP post, get, and more...
  • Lead distribution via: zip, postal, area code, and more…
Lead Distribution

With LeadExec you can easily setup as many lead types as you like.

  • Hundreds of pre-built lead types
  • Integrations into hundreds of lead buyers and sellers
  • Custom, real-time, and exportable reporting for specific lead types
  • Instant posting instructions for any lead vertical

LeadExec users sell more of their leads and are able to scale their business

  • Customize your lead buyer portal to match your logo, color scheme, and more
  • Allow clients or sales teams to purchase leads and return bad leads
  • Setup a web portal for lead providers to track payout and rejected leads
  • Setup automatic invoicing for leads purchased

Free Lead Distribution Buyer's Guide and Easy 20 Minute Demo

  • Learn how to generate more leads in less time
  • Learn how to setup custom integrations to lead buyers
  • Tips for setting up and managing lead sources
  • Access to more free white papers with lead generation tips
  • Free welcome kit with simple lead generation setup process

Free 30 Day Trial

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Steinway and Sons

Every single lead we receive is extremely important to us. LeadExec has given me the ability to track and manage not only the leads themselves, but also the dealers who receive them. Being able to see and respond to what each dealer is doing with the leads we send has had a substantial and positive impact on our business … Read Testimonial »

Henry Alfano, CTO - Steinway & Sons

ClickPoint provides an amazing piece of software that lowers one of the biggest barriers to entry for any person/company looking to enter the lead generation vertical. You can choose to spend thousands and thousands of dollars building a system that will NOT even get close to the features that LeadExec has … Read Testimonial »

Michael Ferree, Director - LeadsCouncil