New Support System for LeadExec

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Update for LeadExec Users

Dear Valued ClickPoint Software Client,

We have recently made some adjustments in how our support team will continue to provide you with assistance. In our effort to help educate and empower our customers, we have updated our Knowledge Base to provide more self-service assistance. Customers can now search our Knowledge Base for solutions to their requests and inquiries. In the event that you cannot find the answer you are looking for, simply fill out the request form and a ticket will be submitted to the support team!

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6 ways to take control of TCPA compliance

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TCPA compliance means better lead quality

There’s two ways to look at compliance. It can be a problem because it creates unnecessary red tape. It can also be a positive because it helps to eliminate unfair practices and improves quality. When it comes to marketing and lead generation the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is the regulatory code.

This governs how companies may communicate with consumers via text message, calls to mobile devices and prerecorded messages to landlines, when using automated telephone dialing systems. There are precise rules when communicating commercial messages. Since October 2013 commercial messaging requires the recipient’s “express written consent”.

For online marketers capturing consumer contact data through landing pages this creates a need for solution that enables both lead sellers and lead buyers to certify leads obtained via websites, web-forms, or by third party lead capture forms in line with TCPA rules.

Here are 6 ways ClickPoint helps you to take control of TCPA compliance.

With ClickPoint Lead Management software, marketers and sales teams meet TCPA compliance by:

1. Providing the correct wording

Ensures the correct TCPA consent text is present on websites

2. Making sure consent is given

Consent to be called on their mobile device by an automated dialing solution was given by a consumer visiting a website or landing page

3. Capturing analytic data

Captures time on site, pages visited, IP address, and confirms a consumer provided express consent by accepting the consent terms of service shown on websites

4. Providing real-time verification of consumer consent

Records the location of the IP address to reduce fraudulent submissions, real-time mobile phone status, and preserves the consent for a period of at least 5 years

5. Documenting consent for audits

Easily printable documents contain consumer location, consent, IP address, time on site, and other data to show consent was provided and verifications stored in a secure location

6. Making sales team operations efficient

Identifies consumers who supplied a mobile number and consented to be called on it; mobile numbers without consent are flagged as non-compliant for auto-dialer based operations and need to be manually dialed

ClickPoint TCPA compliance means better quality leads

Ultimately, TCPA compliance is all about lead quality. ClickPoint provides better quality leads to improve sales performance, and reduce CPA while increasing overall efficiency by ensuring time and money is not wasted chasing down poor quality leads.

To see how ClickPoint helps you to get higher quality leads, just click this link to sign up for a no risk 30 day test drive of our solution for marketers, LeadExec.