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How To Use Texting And Email To Improve Prospect Contact Rates

Oct 09, 2020Sales Software Best Practices
Did you know that text message campaigns frequently achieve 70% better open rates than emails? If you aren’t texting your B2C prospects, you might find yourself behind the curve. Don’t worry, there’s still hope. First, let’s talk about why texting is so effective. A text message is your opportunity to get your message delivered right…Read More
How To Use Texting And Email To Improve Prospect Contact Rates

How To Use Inbound Call Tracking & Routing To Accelerate Your Sales Wins

Oct 08, 2020Sales Software Best Practices
Have you ever thought about refinancing your home? If you have, I bet you performed a Google search for rates, found a good company, and got to that one part of the landing page where you stopped. “Wait a second; I will give them my information, and they will never stop calling me? Worse, they…Read More

How To Properly Motivate Your B2C Outbound Sales Team

Oct 06, 2020Sales Software Best Practices
Have you ever heard the quote, “you don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your friends?” I love this quote, and it applies to the way salespeople are motivated. Competition is one of the most substantial factors that contributes to a motivated sales team. Some of you might say “well sure,…Read More
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How To Implement A B2C Lead Follow-Up System

Oct 05, 2020Sales Software Best Practices
Where do you begin when thinking about a sales lead follow-up process, and why is it important? The most straightforward explanation is that your prospects are a company asset. Achieving even a small lift in contact rate, conversion rate, or speed to contact can make a dramatic impact on your bottom line. To do this,…Read More