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Ping & Post Using Dynamic Pricing is Your Key to More Lead Generation Profit

May 16, 2012Lead Generation System
Unlike a regular Ping and Post which sends out lead information and waits for just a simple response before sending out the entire lead, a dynamic Ping/Post allows you to set revenue requirements on leads sent. In short you can ensure you make a profit on every lead before you deliver it. This Video will…Read More

LeadExec Lead Distribution Has A New Profanity Filter Feature

Apr 26, 2012Lead Generation System
Profanity Filter is LeadExecs’ newest feature, which allows you to enable a profanity filter for your lead types. Profanity filter will cross reference anything entered against its blacklist and reject a lead if it contains profanity. The video above will provide you with a more in-depth look at what this feature can do for you…Read More