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Sean Welch

Sean is a support specialist providing training and technical support services for LeadExec and ClickPoint customers. He also creates help videos and documentation for the ClickPoint knowledge base, and will most likely be your first point of contact if you decide to launch LeadExec.

Lead Distribution – Getting Acquainted with LeadExec

Sep 20, 2011Lead Generation System
I work in the field of lead distribution, and that means I work with a lot of different types of clients. I work with clients in online education, solar, automotive sales, and life insurance to name a few.  The lead distribution industry has an important place in most fields today.  Within these individual industries there are different standards and practices – different nomenclatures and terminology being used for what is essentially the same function.  In order to help our customers bridge the gap between their affiliates, lead buyers, landing pages, and their buyers, it must be possible to communicate distribution intent effectively regardless of industry.Read More