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What’s Your Excuse?

Nov 11, 2011Business & Life
The world tells us that we all come packaged with preset limitations. Things we can and can’t do. Obstacles we won’t be able to overcome. And yet there are people like Italo Romano that torch the rules and smile. At 13, Italo lost his legs in a train accident. At 23 he is a beloved professional skateboarder with more skill and style than most will ever have. Whether it’s your personal life or your business, we all have imaginary barriers that we believe to be impenetrable. To do something great requires us to operate outside of the confines of self doubt and unbelief. What’s your excuse?Read More

Juggling Your Work Responsibilities is Never Easy

Nov 09, 2011Business & Life
So you want to learn to juggle?…. Over the years I’ve developed quite the talent for being able to juggle.  In fact, I’ve often wondered if somehow that should be worked into my job title: Andre Buck, Master Juggler/LeadExec Partnership Specialist.  When I say juggle, I’m not referring to flaming batons or chainsaws, but rather tasks, duties and responsibilities (which all seem to have the same dire consequences if dropped).  In a startup company, this talent for juggling might be one of the most sought after and pivotal abilities required in every position that we currently staff at ClickPoint Software. Everything must remain fluid or the company can’t function as balls are dropped.Read More

The Principles of Tech Support

Oct 10, 2011Business & Life
“Tech Support” is a phrase I sometimes hear uttered with the vehemence of a curse word. Whether you’re struggling through the installation of a new printer on your home computer or wondering why your CRM software isn’t doing what you thought it would do, tech support personnel can be seen as either a necessary evil, or your light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. Over the past four years I’ve come to learn that two key elements make the difference in good tech support vs. The Other Kind.Read More

Refining Our Process Workflow: Bug Tracking in Team Foundation Server 2010

Oct 10, 2011Business & Life
Recently, our CEO, Gabe Buck, brought our entire office into our conference room for a Monday morning meeting. Among many other topics, he asked our entire team the following question, “What do you think differentiates a company like ours from other similar companies in our industry that separates us from the competition?” Many answers were thrown around such as tenacity, attention to detail, reliability, and all of the other answers you might hear that are tossed around in a motivational company meeting. One term that did catch my attention was adaptability. Was it that I felt adaptability was more important that reliability or attention to detail? No. Was it that our company was not reliable or attentive to the needs of our customers?  Absolutely not! Perhaps it was just true, that adaptability was something that our company has embraced and keeps us one step ahead of our competition.Read More

Get Your Business Organized and Improve Your Quality of Life!

May 22, 2010Business & Life
Today we have a guest that can help any business become more efficient while also helping you get what you want out of life. I have the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Furrier of Essential Organizing. I never thought I would need the service that Jennifer provides, but once my business started picking up I hit a wall and found myself working longer hours and feeling drained. I reached out to Jennifer and she helped me put things in perspective. Her suggestions helped free up my time so that I could do the things I really enjoy.Read More