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Interview With Sylvia Brekke of Phoenix Youth at Risk

Jan 13, 2010Business & Life
This is Gabriel Buck CEO at ClickPoint Software with my interview series of guests I think can bring value to ClickPoint customers and anyone who reads this blog. I often interview experts in the online marketing industry and successful lead based businesses owners. Today I am interviewing someone who can tell us about something I find to be instrumental in the success of many entrepreneurs.Read More

Leadership is a Response to Environment

Jul 13, 2009Business & Life
Have you ever heard that leadership in a company is a lot like a farmer and his garden? The farmer picks the lot, tills the soil, plants the seeds, and then watches as his garden grows. In a small technology company it is imperative that leadership comes from the top but even more essential is that there is an environment for other leaders to emerge. If there is one thing I have learned over the years it’s to not be intimidated by people that bring something different to the table. The best leaders are not intimidated by other great leaders as the Corporate Communication Training Course with CJM explains. They give them the proper environment and conditions and let the leaders take the company to new heights. This may be difficult for some leaders but it is absolutely essential to any technology start up.Read More

ClickPoint Understands Our Customers

Jun 15, 2009Business & Life
I would like to think in a perfect world we as managers and CEOs would just know everything from the get go. The truth is that running a software company takes a great amount of trial and error. The long road to success comes only from learning what your customers really need from their software. Finding ways to reduce the time it takes between trial and the errors that follow is what we have determined to be the key to success. When we decided to launch our debt software we decided we would have our potential customers take a much more active role in the design process. This included many conference calls and planning sessions. I admit that in the past we as a company solicited advice from customers but never really engaged them through the entire process. These php software developers work relentlesRead More

David 1 Goliath 0

Apr 06, 2009Business & Life
Ok, I know there are a lot of people out there right now holding on for dear life and I couldn’t be more sympathetic.  It’s a scary time for us that fall into the generation x age range.  Most of us came out of college thinking the world was at our finger tips.  Saving money was something most of just didn’t think about.  I have never been in a situation like the one our economy is in right now, so I won’t pretend to be an expert.  But my intuition tells me that there is opportunity in times like this and I think you just have to know where to look.Read More

ClickPoint – The Beginning

Dec 02, 2008Business & Life
I wanted to start our blog off with the story of how we became ClickPoint.  I think it’s always important to get a good feel for an organization before you do business with them.  In all truthfulness I never imagined that I would be running a software company. I got my started working for a site called I always envisioned myself working as the head of an ad agency, marketing company, or some kind of organization where I could use the creative side.  It all happened about 6 years ago when I got my first real experience working with programmers and developers on small projects for a marketing company where I was vice president.  I immediately saw that although you have to be much more patient with software there is tremendous opportunity to use your creative attributes.Read More