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What I Learned From the Doctor Who Served Two Presidents

Dec 08, 2016Business & Life
If you haven’t made it to NextCon, you really should think about going next year. Every year Nextiva, a progressive cloud-communication company located in Phoenix, puts on one power packed show.This year they had great speakers like Guy Kawasaki, Steve Wozniak, and my personal favorite, Dr. Connie Mariano. Dr. Mariano is a local in Phoenix,…Read More

Starting a Sales Career at a Large Corporation vs. Small Business

Sep 22, 2014Business & Life
Small fish big pond or big pond small fish?  For salespeople this is a tough question “Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond, or a big fish in a small pond?” It’s a pressing question pondered by salespeople at some point in the beginning of a career. Both ponds can teach us about ourselves and each of the ponds can give us a chance to expand our skills indefinitely, as each pond has its own set of challenges. When you consider this from a sales perspective there are even more challenges to consider.Read More

4 Tips To Foster Creativity And Imagination In The Workplace

Apr 20, 2012Business & Life
Every business needs creativity to thrive; without it, you’re simply stuck in the mud, waiting for a stampede to trample your company with innovative ideas you failed to think of. Some of the best companies, such as Google, 3M, Apple, Facebook, and Pixar, are renowned not just for the massive amounts of cash they make, but because of how they’ve mastered the ability to tap into their workforce’s creativity to come up with new ideas.Read More

Improved Teamwork Yields Big Results

Jan 20, 2012Business & Life
Because ClickPoint is a fairly small software company, we’re afforded a lot of luxuries that the big companies don’t have. For one, our developers and customer support personnel sit within 30 feet of each other, which opens up the company to a lot of communication. Developers can check in with support to see how well new features are being received, and support can also get in touch with our developers immediately if they have a pressing concern about our product. Complete transparency within the company has been one of our big goals and has fostered a team mentality within the company.Read More

What’s Your Excuse?

Nov 11, 2011Business & Life
The world tells us that we all come packaged with preset limitations. Things we can and can’t do. Obstacles we won’t be able to overcome. And yet there are people like Italo Romano that torch the rules and smile. At 13, Italo lost his legs in a train accident. At 23 he is a beloved professional skateboarder with more skill and style than most will ever have. Whether it’s your personal life or your business, we all have imaginary barriers that we believe to be impenetrable. To do something great requires us to operate outside of the confines of self doubt and unbelief. What’s your excuse?Read More