Free Guide: Closing the Loop: Integrate Marketing Automation, Lead Management and CRM

Jul 01, 2017Lead Generation System / Lead Management Software / Sales Software Best Practices

Circular thinking for marketers

Mostly, people think in straight lines. Some find lateral thinking good for innovation and problem solving. However, for some problems, the best solution is circular thinking. That’s the best way to approach combining Marketing Automation (MA), Lead Management Automation (LMA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

The free guide ‘Closing the Loop: Integrate Marketing Automation, Lead Management and CRM’ discusses how correctly looping MA, LMA and CRM tools enables an organization to improve three key sales and marketing metrics – Quality, Conversion and Quantity. Our latest guide covers:

  • Recognizing your situation
  • Preserving investment in existing software and data
  • Key considerations when identifying a good solution:
    • Inbound marketing channels
    • Mobile enablement
    • Convergence

Quite simply, downloading ‘Closing the Loop: Integrate Marketing Automation, Lead Management and CRM’ helps VPs and managers responsible for sales and marketing to understand how to close the loop and achieve a completely joined up lead conversion process.

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Gabriel Buck

Gabriel Buck

Combining years of startup entrepreneurial spirit, with hard work and a healthy dose of passion, Gabe has created a winning culture at ClickPoint Software. He is passionate about lead management, customer service, easy-to-use software design, and creating tools that help marketers create more valuable leads. You can find him in the trenches looking to improve any sales or marketing process in need of improvement.