LeadExec 4.0 Is the Easiest-to-use Lead Management System for Marketers

Jan 04, 2013ClickPoint News

Newest version of LeadExec is now available

If you have not scheduled a Beta overview with your dedicated support representative, please do so now. You can run both 4.0 and the current version for the next couple of weeks. LeadExec 4.0 will replace the current version. On January 11th, LeadExec 4.0 will now be offered to the public.

The new LeadExec version features a redesigned user interface that incorporates a highly efficient code base designed for increased ease of use, speed, and stability.
“We wanted to help our customers navigate through the software faster, while providing our developers with a system that allowed them to build customizations much faster. We believe we have designed a system that operates much faster and can handle the recent growth in leads processed and new customers”

Mike Sawyer
Chief Architect

New User Interface

New 4.0 Features

Twitter Feed Integration

A Twitter feed is now automatically connected with Clickpoint’s twitter feed allowing you to see updates as they come out. Not only can you see updates, you can add your own feed and update your staff with company news.

LeadExec Twitter Feed

Built in Chat System
4.0 now offers a solution to your company chat needs. The new chat feature gives you the ability to send instant messages to other users currently logged into their LeadExec account. With our Chat service you can hyperlink leads directly in an IM which allows a user to go straight to the lead detail.

Push Notification System
You can now open a screen such as the Delivery Queue and have it update automatically. There is no longer a need to refresh the button every 3 seconds.

Settings have been consolidated into one section
This allows you to find all of your system settings in one place. If you need to change a setting inside of your Billing Information or to simply change permissions you can now find that exact setting much easier.

Lead Exec 4.0 also introduces some major changes to the 3 main reporting screens in the system. We have updated the Revenue Report to run much more efficiently.
Search all Leads
1. This report now allows you to view the insert request sent in by your lead source making it easy to trouble shoot an error response. You can also view what URL the leads are coming in from as well as the time the lead was received.
2. This report also color codes leads that have been rejected by the system making it easier to identify which leads were accepted and which were rejected.
3. Exporting from this screen is now supported by all versions of Excel.

Quality Control Bin

1. The Quality Control Bin has been revamped not only in look, but in functionality.
2. The functionality includes the ability to reassign leads easily and then track which users have how many leads assigned to them. You can assign leads one at a time or blocks of leads at once.
3. Along with the ability to reassign leads, the overall performance of this report has been upgraded. You can now download large lead blocks at a time, and it allows you to manage them while still downloading.

Lead Maximizer
1. The Maximizer has always been the main point of focus in LeadExec 3.1 and it continues to do so in 4.0. The screen has been upgraded to load quicker and allow you to move leads faster. One major change you will notice is the Lead Type dropdown. Allowing you to get to your desired Lead Type quicker.
2. Another major change to this report is the ability to select a lead and view the sold information for that lead without having to open a separate window.
3. You also have the ability to Simulate Distribution before moving your account live. This allows you the ability to make sure leads will go where they are meant to go.

Lead Maximizer

Gabriel Buck

Gabriel Buck

Combining years of startup entrepreneurial spirit, with hard work and a healthy dose of passion, Gabe has created a winning culture at ClickPoint Software. He is passionate about lead management, customer service, easy-to-use software design, and creating tools that help marketers create more valuable leads. You can find him in the trenches looking to improve any sales or marketing process in need of improvement.