Automated Events

How to Create Automated Events in SalesExec

Aug 30, 2018ClickPoint News / Marketing and Lead Gen
An Automated Event allows you to create special events which trigger based on Record Type, Action and Status of a Lead. This gives the possibility for an additional type of Nurture for your Leads. Here are some use cases for automated events: After five contact attempts on a lead, you want it to move to…Read More

Lead Management 101 – Exporting Leads from SalesExec

Aug 23, 2018ClickPoint News / Sales Compliance / Sales Tips
Just as you can Import Leads to SalesExec, you can Export Leads as well. The Export Utility allows you to select a few specific Leads or all Leads and Export to an Excel file. Leads are also known as Records. If exporting a certain selection of Leads, select these Leads first, then click on the…Read More
Sales Workflow Software

How to Create and Manage Your Sales Workflow in SalesExec

Aug 16, 2018ClickPoint News / Sales Tips
When creating a Workflow keep in mind what is most important to you and how your business works. Pay attention to how Users will be performing in SalesExec, to Manage Leads and organize the information they use and need the most. Workflow: Breaks down the Lead into subcategories of the Record Type; essentially where the Lead…Read More
SalesExec Call Monitor

How to Install and Use SalesExec Call Monitor

Aug 09, 2018ClickPoint News / Sales Tips
SalesExec offers advanced communication solutions for calling more leads in less time – import and call lead lists, utilize pull queues, set up preview dialing for call centers, send and receive text SMS, and easily click-to-dial on new leads. The SalesExec Call Monitor is a tray application, which is integrated with Nextiva phone solutions. You…Read More
track lead performance

How to Update Lead Marketing Information and Better Track Lead Performance in SalesExec

Aug 01, 2018ClickPoint News / Marketing and Lead Gen / Sales Tips
Did you know that once a lead is created in SalesExec, it may be necessary to update its marketing information? An update such as this may be needed in the event a lead has the incorrect Lead Source, or a vendor accidentally posted the incorrect Marketing Channel. Having the ability to update lead generation data…Read More