Study Shows Companies Generating 40% Or More of Leads Online Are Growing Faster Than Competitors

Nov 16, 2011Lead Generation System
According to a recently released Hinge Marketing Survey, firms generating 40% of their leads online experienced growth that was four times faster than firms without online lead capabilities. The survey was comprised of companies with an average of $54 million in revenue and over 300 employees. Also revealed in the survey:Read More

Improve Your Lead Generation Software With These Strategies

Nov 23, 2011Lead Generation System
Search Engine Optimization is a bit like a game where the rules are constantly influx. Google is continuously tinkering with its algorithm and rules for search, which makes staying on top of the latest news absolutely imperative to your lead generation strategies. If you depend on SEO for a sizable chunk of your leads, then here’s some information you need to know about SEO.Read More