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TCPA Compliance Solution for Marketers, Call Centers, and Sales Teams

Oct 10, 2013Sales Compliance
ClickPoint releases patent pending lead certification solution ClickPoint Software, an industry leader that provides lead management software to marketers, sales teams and call centers, unveils its solution this week to provide TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) best practices in response to their newest update to existing requirements.Read More

Problems Companies Face With Lead Generation

Feb 15, 2012Sales Compliance
Many companies think that generating leads is all about increasing web traffic, but unfortunately they don’t have a system in place to utilize an increase in web traffic so most leads fall by the wayside. In essence, many companies are trying to use a high pressure water hose to fill a thimble with water. While they may be a testament to an increased awareness of your brand, an improved visibility and the excellence of your content, high levels of traffic have no tangible value. Marketers have bemoaned the fact traffic doesn’t yield itself to much more than quantification and segmentation. While businesses agree that web traffic value is critical to measure, a mere 17% of the companies studied have such processes in place. Rather than reveling in web traffic glory you’d be better off asking yourself, “What am I doing with all that traffic? Have I got practices in place that will ensure these visitors come back to my website and eventually, convert to paying customers? Who do I want to attract, engage and turn into a client in the long run?” Here are three typical lead generation mistakes we’ve identified in our work and three solutions to change things around.Read More