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Orchestrating Lead Management for Steinway & Sons

Mar 27, 2015Sales Software Best Practices
Global boutique brands need efficient lead management too…Lead management automation is great for larger enterprises where high volumes of inbound leads are generated and need to be brought together in a single view, scored and distributed rapidly to an army of call center and field sales agents. What’s not so obvious is that automated lead management is also an excellent solution for businesses that sell higher value goods with reduced lead volumes.Read More

6 Signs Your Inbound Lead Management Process is Broken

Mar 24, 2015Sales Software Best Practices
What is inbound Lead Management?  Inbound Lead Management is a combination of software and inbound sales best practices.  The best practices are designed to improve the way inbound leads are distributed, nurtured, and worked through a sales channel. Lead management is something everyone managing a sales team should understand and implement.  One of the most important questions to resolve is whether your lead management process is working properly.  It can be difficult for sales leaders to say “Even though I’ve designed this method there’s something wrong that I just can’t put my finger on.”Read More

Solution Spotlight — Sales Management Software

Oct 04, 2014ClickPoint News / Sales Compliance / Sales Software Best Practices
Analyze, Coach, and Scale Your Team with Real-Time Sales Reporting and Management Tools Are you tasked with elevating and scaling your sales team? ClickPoint will give you the tools to turn your team into a highly efficient, motivated, and accountable sales team. With more time to focus on your team, not on your sales software,…Read More

The Golden Rules of Lead Management

Sep 09, 2014Sales Software Best Practices
e all have questions revolving around how to improve the lead management process and there are very few that have it perfected. The reality is that most companies have very different and unique processes must be taken into account when applying best practices. Nevertheless, there is a core set of rules that every company should follow to be successful with managing their leads. Read More