Hitting A Trade Show Soon? Here Are 10 Tips To Generating Leads At Shows

Apr 19, 2012Lead Generation System
Ah the Trade Show. The classic way to try to generate wide reaching exposure in the quickest amount of time possible. Despite the changes in marketing thanks to the internet, trade shows are still one of the most popular ways for a company to generate interest around their brand and create new leads. The world’s largest trade show, The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, posted record breaking attendance numbers. Ditto for Mobile World Congress. Trade shows still hold a lot of marketing value but despite all the new ways tech has given us to generate leads, a lot of companies haven’t adapted their trade show strategy for the current environment. As a result they’re not generating enough leads at trade shows to make them worth while. Also, check t212 on the world wide web to know more about it. If your company will be at a trade show this year here are 8 tricks to generate more leads:Read More