Here’s How Automating Lead Nurture Will Take Your Sales Team To The Next Level

Jun 15, 2018Lead Generation System / Lead Management Software / Sales Software Best Practices
Nurturing a lead from a new lead to a closed sale is tough work. During the process of conversion, most leads fall by the wayside as a select few make it to the final stage of closure. Many businesses treat each lead as though they are a small seed waiting to bloom into a fruit bearing plant at the point of sale. Like leads, seedlings are sensitive and require a great amount of proper care to bloom. Light, nutrient rich soil, and water are vital elements that help a seed grow, just like constant contact, value, and time are needed for leads to mature.Read More

A Great Landing Page is Where You Start, Then It’s All About Lead Management

Jun 03, 2015Lead Generation System / Lead Management Software
Lead generation a science expressed as the art of the landing page The science of lead generation continues to evolve. Many organizations now have the design of webpages to maximize clicks and generate leads down to a fine art. Talented user experience (UX) designers are essential members of any web team.Read More

Create Stronger Leads with Double Opt-In Lead Verification

Feb 12, 2013Lead Generation System
Double Opt-In provides one of the most compliant leads available Not only is double-opt in a way to ensure your lead sources are sending verified and accurate leads it also is now a requirement in most of Europe. Think about it. When you buy a lead from a lead source you never really know if the person has any real interest. You might be able to get a verification on the data but not the intent to purchase. With looming TCPA requirements double opt-in confirms interest and also allows you to display the buyers of the lead data that was just confirmed.Read More

Check Out This Complete Guide To Successful Landing Pages [Infographic]

May 08, 2012Lead Generation System
Landing pages are vital to any lead generation strategy because they are the exact point when a potential lead because a real lead that you can use to sell your products to. Regardless of whether you’re using an SEO, Social Media, CPC, or E-mail marketing strategy to generate leads, you need to make sure you have an awesome landing page that is optimized to to capture leads. If you’re feeling clueless about where to start with your landing pages, or just want to bone up on your knowledge and make sure your current pages are great, then this quick infographic will be your guide to getting the best landing pages setup.Read More

Generate Leads From Your Website More Effectively With These 10 Tips

Jan 27, 2012Lead Generation System
Have you ever wondered why your lead generation website isn’t getting the results you’re expecting? Are you wondering why the heck people aren’t flocking to your forms like salmon flocking to the Capistrano? We’re busting out our Billy Mays salesmanship to show you, yes YOU, how to get the most out of your website by using just 10 simple tricks to generate more leads from your website.Read More