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How to Engage with Prospects Faster using Outbound Calling Solutions

Nov 15, 2018Call Center Software / ClickPoint News / Lead Management Software / Sales Software Best Practices
ClickPoint allows salespeople to do what they do best — communicate with potential customers quickly and efficiently. Designed with the idea of helping your team spend more time talking to your prospects, our Outbound Calling Solutions enable more dials, better conversations, improved lead conversion, and greater ROI. Process Matters Automated and guided sales process that…Read More

Here’s How Automating Lead Nurture Will Take Your Sales Team To The Next Level

Jun 15, 2018Lead Generation System / Lead Management Software / Sales Software Best Practices
Nurturing a lead from a new lead to a closed sale is tough work. During the process of conversion, most leads fall by the wayside as a select few make it to the final stage of closure. Many businesses treat each lead as though they are a small seed waiting to bloom into a fruit bearing plant at the point of sale. Like leads, seedlings are sensitive and require a great amount of proper care to bloom. Light, nutrient rich soil, and water are vital elements that help a seed grow, just like constant contact, value, and time are needed for leads to mature.Read More

Lead Nurturing Is All About, Laying the Bricks

Jul 07, 2016Lead Generation System / Lead Management Software / Sales Software Best Practices
Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour, if you build it they will come, you get the idea. Enough with the Clichés. Drip email marketing is a feature that is always ever evolving, brilliantly crafted within our ClickPoint lead management software solution. ClickPoint lead nurturing enables users of our system to implement an easy-to-use method for marketing to their leads. Lead nurturing is a powerful marketing strategy, if implemented correctly. In comparison to other forms of marketing, where you can experience difficulty in tracking your return on investment (ROI), lead nurturing is straightforward, easy to quantify, and low on risk. A well-structured sales lead nurturing campaign develops a relationship between your business and your lead or prospect. It’s one of the many successful features that benefit the users of ClickPoint and this ladies and gentlemen is where we separate ourselves from the pack.Read More

6 Signs Your Inbound Lead Management Process is Broken

Mar 24, 2015Sales Software Best Practices
What is inbound Lead Management?  Inbound Lead Management is a combination of software and inbound sales best practices.  The best practices are designed to improve the way inbound leads are distributed, nurtured, and worked through a sales channel. Lead management is something everyone managing a sales team should understand and implement.  One of the most important questions to resolve is whether your lead management process is working properly.  It can be difficult for sales leaders to say “Even though I’ve designed this method there’s something wrong that I just can’t put my finger on.”Read More

Marketing Automation Is Catching Fire

Jan 13, 2011Lead Generation System
IBM snatches Unica for $480 million in August, catapulting Marketing Automation companies into the technology spotlight. According to Internet Retailer, Unica reported a revenue of $100 million in 2009. “In the second quarter, the segment (Marketing Automation) posted 69 transactions – 31 acquisition and investments – valued at approximately $2.6 billion,” Petsky Prunier says. I would say that Marketing Automation is certainly heating up and VC companies are trying to invest heavily in companies like Hubspot, for example, which garnered $17 million in Series A funding and another $16 million in Series B funding.Read More