ClickPoint Software Community Service Event

Jun 27, 2012ClickPoint News
At ClickPoint Software our main goal is to make amazing software that allows users to focus on profit not process. But we like to think that there’s more to us than that. We have an amazing team of individuals all focused on creating something great at work but also in their personal lives and within the community. One of the our favorite things that we do at ClickPoint is to give back to our community by holding a community service event every quarter.Read More

Interview With Sylvia Brekke of Phoenix Youth at Risk

Jan 13, 2010Business & Life
This is Gabriel Buck CEO at ClickPoint Software with my interview series of guests I think can bring value to ClickPoint customers and anyone who reads this blog. I often interview experts in the online marketing industry and successful lead based businesses owners. Today I am interviewing someone who can tell us about something I find to be instrumental in the success of many entrepreneurs.Read More