Check Out This Complete Guide To Successful Landing Pages [Infographic]

May 08, 2012Lead Generation System
Landing pages are vital to any lead generation strategy because they are the exact point when a potential lead because a real lead that you can use to sell your products to. Regardless of whether you’re using an SEO, Social Media, CPC, or E-mail marketing strategy to generate leads, you need to make sure you have an awesome landing page that is optimized to to capture leads. If you’re feeling clueless about where to start with your landing pages, or just want to bone up on your knowledge and make sure your current pages are great, then this quick infographic will be your guide to getting the best landing pages setup.Read More

How To Automate Your Social Media So You Can Spend More Time Selling

Apr 20, 2012Lead Generation System
Social media is important for every business, and I hype it a lot on this blog because I know just how effective Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram can be at getting a small brand the recognition and cult like following it deserves if they play the social media game well, they can play the Casinodames games. Social media presence can lead to a lot of sales, but let’s be honest, if you’re a small business you’re probably not wanting to hire a Social Media Manager just to updated all of your accounts. But if you don’t have a Social Media Manager, you probably don’t have enough time yourself to do it.Read More

Thinking About Generating Leads on Facebook?

Nov 18, 2011Lead Generation System
To succeed in any business you have to know your audience. If the demographic’s you’re looking to appeal to aren’t at one watering hole then you must go find them at the next. We’ve written a couple blog posts about how Facebook can be one of the most effective places to generate new leads. People spend more time on Facebook than any other website, and when people share information on Facebook it is usually higher quality and has a higher level of engagement than other websites. Even though Facebook has the most users of any social network it’s hard to pinpoint exactly who’s on Facebook. LinkedIn is mostly business people, Twitter is heavy with journalists and young adults. But what’s the average Facebook user look like? Here’s a handy infographic from JESS3 that shows who the average Facebook user is and what they do on the site.Read More