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New Feature

ClickPoint Releases New Inbound & Outbound Call Statistics Report

May 29, 2020New Features & Updates
Use this report to view detailed statistics on incoming calls, outgoing calls and call transfers across your sales team. What is this report for? This report can be used by sales managers and marketing teams to view detailed statistics of individual inbound and outbound calls that take place with ClickPoint Software. Filter Options Date View…Read More
New Feature

ClickPoint Releases Feature – Redirect Calls in Inbound IVR / Call Routing

May 04, 2020New Features & Updates
Redirect a call to either an external phone number or to another call flow. Redirect Node How to Use This Node Redirect Settings Redirect Type To a Call Flow – Redirect this call to another enabled Call Flow within your ClickPoint account. Pass Variables – If you have captured any variables from the Gather Node etc. they carry over…Read More
New Integration

ClickPoint Announces Office 365/Outlook Calendar Integration

May 04, 2020New Features & Updates
Sync your appointments created in ClickPoint with your Office 365 Calendar Users can sync their Appointments made via Actions, the Main Calendar, the Lead Manager Screen, or the Lead Details Screen to their Office 365 Calendar. Setup This feature is available for use to any user who has an active user seat within ClickPoint. To configure, navigate to the Integrations page…Read More
New Feature

ClickPoint Releases New Duplicate Lead Appending & Merge

Apr 07, 2020ClickPoint News / New Features & Updates
Coming April 9th Using Duplicate Check Actions Duplicate Actions give you, as an administrator, the ability to decide how you want to treat duplicate leads added to your account. With this functionality, you can take duplicate added leads and append or even replace lead field data for an existing lead. Key Terms Select Target Lead…Read More