Get Your CEO Into Social Media to Drive Lead Generation Traffic

Dec 02, 2011Lead Generation System

For the last few years, company social media profiles have been managed by a few curious individuals who have been courageous enough to test the waters. For the most part, CEO’s have been slow to embrace using social media fearing that the transparency it offers might hurt their image or deciding they don’t have time to dawdle with that “kid stuff.”

What’s interesting, is new studies are showing that companies with social CEO’s are generating more leads and achieving higher levels of customer service than their competitors. Almost 50% of CEO’s surveyed for this infographic claimed they’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of leads being generated by their company. Why? Because business isn’t just business anymore like it was in the 60’s. Business is now becoming personal. If you want to generate the most leads possible, you have to approach potential customers on a personal level. Having a CEO that is actively engaged in the web’s social experience will give your company more credibility and trust from customers. Here’s a look at how social media is affecting the current and future generation of CEO’s and how it can improve your lead marketing strategies.

Gabriel Buck

Gabriel Buck

Combining years of startup entrepreneurial spirit, with hard work and a healthy dose of passion, Gabe has created a winning culture at ClickPoint Software. He is passionate about lead management, customer service, easy-to-use software design, and creating tools that help marketers create more valuable leads. You can find him in the trenches looking to improve any sales or marketing process in need of improvement.