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Compliant Marketing, Improved Lead Quality: Weboganic, a leading provider of online education leads wanted to provide the highest quality leads by implementing TCPA compliant landing pages and websites.

Weboganic is a full service online marketing agency established in 2006, specializing in education lead generation, search marketing, and email marketing. Weboganic owns and operates degree and trade school directory websites. These sites offer candidates an easy-to-use web experience that helps place them with institutions offering certificates and degrees in highly specialized fields of study.

The Goal: Implement the LeadExec patent pending TCPA consent solution, thereby increasing lead quality with a proven lead certification process.

ClickPoint and its flagship product LeadExec provides a patent pending consumer consent solution. LeadExec is an enterprise lead capture, lead certification, and lead distribution solution designed to help marketers capture, score, and deliver both internet leads and phone calls.

On October 16th, 2013 a telemarketer, salesperson, or marketer will be required to obtain express written consent for all autodialed calls or text messages as well as pre-recorded messages made to a residential landline as well as to cell phones for marketing purposes. As a company that accepts leads from a website, landing page, or third party they are responsible for ensuring that the company follows the TCPA rules that go into effect on October 16th, 2013.

Best Practices

Best practices will require marketers to maintain websites and landing pages that contain consumer consent language and fields; an associated screenshot of the consent page as seen by the consumer where the phone number was inputted; and a complete data record submitted by the consumer with time and date and the consumer’s IP address, if possible. This information should be maintained by the marketer for five years.

If a dispute should arise, the last thing you want is to be liable for any imposed fines from the FCC or from lawyers representing a consumer or a group of consumers. You need an accurate log of what transpired, and when, on your form or website. Additionally, you must keep records for up to 5 years to ensure you are compliant with the TCPA requirements. With the LeadExec Lead Certification, you can rest assured that you are following a patent pending process that helps you stay within the most recent TCPA guidelines.

“We knew that the TCPA solution provide by ClickPoint was the best because it provided a certificate, analytics, and they offered to help us with any of the configuration. It was pretty easy to set up and once we had it, we felt like we had a better product than our competition. Our customers demand quality and ClickPoint helped us deliver a better lead.” Eric Benjamin – CEO and Founder of Weboganic

Benefits of Engaging ClickPoint and Their LeadExec TCPA Solution

  • A TCPA Checklist: Enables Weboganic to ensure each lead source is following the TCPA guidelines.
  • Analytic Information: Captured on every online inquiry about a consumer, such as time on site, pages visited, and referring keyword.
  • Patent Pending Consent: The ClickPoint solution that serves your desired consent text on third party and internal web forms is patent pending. Weboganic is able to check the status, if the text is on a form, and verify that your consumer consent text was viewed when the consumer submitted their information.
  • Unique Certification ID: Weboganic is able to create a certificate for each submission along with the consent approval.
  • Real-Time Phone Verification: Weboganic is able to see if a submitted land-line phone number is really a mobile phone number.
  • IP Address Verification: Weboganic is able to ensure that each online inquiry issued is accompanied with a unique consumer IP verification.
  • Store Copies: Weboganic is able to store, for up to 5 years, the online submission of the landing page, analytic information, and the consent used to verify third party forms.
  • Print Consumer Consent: If they ever had to, Weboganic can easily print their lead certificate required to show proof of contact request.

Country / Region

United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South America, and Europe.

Case Studies