SalesExec Integrate

Add, Import and Integrate. Leads from Providers, Websites and Landing Pages

With SalesExec you can integrate any lead source into your Lead Management System quickly and easily.

Lead and contact import

Easily import an entire excel file of leads, immediately disperse them to your team, and start calling instantly.

Add any lead source

Instantly generated integration documentation which helps lead sources come aboard quickly.

Instant lead delivery

Simply add a lead and SaleExec will make sure it gets to the best salesperson instantly.

Get Your Data Instantly. With the SalesExec Lead Management API

The SalesExec API was developed to give customers the flexibility they need to integrate internal software solutions. The team of developers at ClickPoint ensures your API integration is successful. We work with you to make sure your lead management solution is fully integrated with your internal applications.

Verify Quality. Make Sure You Purchase Good Quality Leads

SalesExec has a data validation system that will ensure all of your leads are cleaned up and ready for your sales team. We provide you with the ability to get leads into the system using a variety of methods, all of which will ensure your leads are scored, complete, and ready to be called.

Before we engaged ClickPoint and started using SalesExec, we had given up hope that there was a lead management solution that we could use that was simple to deploy, yet powerful. ClickPoint had us using the system within a couple of days, something I never expected.Roy Ferman – Partner, Direct Business Lending

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