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Combining years of startup entrepreneurial spirit, with hard work and a healthy dose of passion, Gabe has created a culture at ClickPoint that rivals any company. He is passionate about customer service, easy to use design, and creating tools that help marketers increase efficiency.

TCPA compliance solution for marketers, call centers, and sales teams

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tcpa-new-3.8ClickPoint Software, an industry leader that provides lead management software to marketers, sales teams and call centers, unveils its solution this week to provide TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) best practices in response to their newest update to existing requirements.  The online lead generation industry, sales industry, and call centers are all affected by these new TCPA compliance requirements. These TCPA compliance requirements go into effect on October 16th, 2013 in ways that will require both time and resource allocation.  Finding solutions that enable compliance, while not degrading operational efficiency, will be of the utmost importance to all companies that provide leads to their sales force and to marketers who supply leads to lead buyers.

ClickPoint has built a patent pending lead certification solution that enables both lead sellers and lead buyers to certify leads that are obtained on websites, web-forms, or by third party lead capture forms.  The solution ensures that consent text is present on a website, and that consent to be called on their mobile device by an automated dialing solution was given by a consumer visiting a website or landing page.  The ClickPoint solution captures analytic data such as time on site, pages visited, IP address, and confirms that a consumer did provide express consent by accepting the consent terms of service shown on a website.

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Lead Distribution System – News You Can Use!

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“The ClickPoint development team is moving very fast to get our web version of LeadExec completed and ready for beta testing. We are also in the planning stages to launch a new IVR phone routing solution and integrate with more companies that can drive value like TheOfferMachine. The integration with TheOfferMachine has opened up the potential of launching LeadExec quic1kly and offering a full service solution with more landing page and form options. We can now launch an offer in EDU that would take developers weeks or months to get off the ground. The new Welcome Kit is also a great tool to help customers get going as quickly as possible. If you get a chance please download the kit and let us know what you think.”

– Gabriel Buck, CEO, ClickPoint Software

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What is lead distribution and why should you care?

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Picture1I love this topic, because frankly it’s one that never gets old for me. Decentralize lead distribution is the term that applies here, and it is what put ClickPoint on the map. Why does decentralized lead distribution matter? Yawn, I get it. You are bored already. Please read the next two paragraphs and I promise you won’t still want to kill me.

Big companies with lots of leads have to move leads, phone calls, and data around to lots of different solutions in order to make everything work. Most large companies that collect a lot of leads need to be able to take leads in from a variety of sources and then they need to sort it, measure it, and then get it to their sales floor as fast as possible. In the past companies would use CRM software to accomplish this task. Well, that might work for a company that has a bunch of salespeople in a couple of locations but not companies with lots of branches, franchisees, call centers, and sales teams. It used to be that you could just require everyone to login to whatever CRM you chose for them. Tada, you’re a hero.

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Lead Management Update from ClickPoint Software

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NotificationsWith SalesExec notifications system you now have the ability to turn your lead management system into a central command unit.  We have built a dynamic notification system that sends push notifications for major events that occur in the lead lifecycle.

Here are some of the major notification types:

New Lead or New Pull Available

  • Your agents will be informed in real-time via email, model window, and are able to pull leads within seconds of them hitting your lead management system.


  • Always be informed and ready for appointments and improve your agents ability to handle lots of appointments.  Additionally with our shared calendars you can easily increase the number of appointments an appointment setter can make for your sales team.

Opened Email

  • Know instantly when a potential lead opens an email.  This tool is extremely valuable and helps your sales team know when to present new material to leads in the nurture process.

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Best Lead Distribution Solution awarded to ClickPoint Software

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ClickPoint Software, a division of Steinway & Sons, has garnered recognition from two lead industry organizations. Founded in 2007, ClickPoint Software provides sales and marketing professionals with cutting-edge software to manage and nurture leads, marketing campaigns, and gain analytic insight into their sales processes.

In January, CEO Gabriel Buck hauled in a prestigious recognition from the Sales Lead Management Association as one of the top 50 influential leaders in the lead management industry.  Other finalists consisted of consultants, business owners, and C-Level executives from technology companies.

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