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ESMS marketing software for salespeople

In today's mobile world, nothing improves your chance of a conversation with a prospect better than SMS messages. Salespeople can deliver and receive SMS messages with the click of a button.

Reach and engage more of your leads with text marketing that delivers perfectly timed, automated SMS text messages.

Be the First to Contact Every Prospect

Be the First to Contact Every Prospect

The SalesExec SMS messaging center ensures every prospect is contacted quickly while improving lead conversion.

Quickly send an SMS text message to any lead or prospect from the communication center, then call or send follow up emails automatically or manually.

Create Custom SMS Texting Templates

Create Custom SMS Texting Templates

Create text templates for your entire sales team, call center, or various branch locations that can be used to reach more prospects and leads.

Save time and create more personalized messages using lead tags that auto-fill lead information.

Reach More Prospects With SMS Marketing

Reach More Prospects With SMS Marketing

With open rates that are far superior to email, SMS texts convert.

In an increasingly mobile world, connecting with your prospects via text messaging has never been more critical.

What is SMS marketing?

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Short message service (SMS) or "text" message marketing is the most direct way to reach prospective customers. Text messages allow sales agents to send and receive messages in real time. They also allow for less formal, more direct marketing messages. SMS marketing typically has higher open rates than email, improving contact rates.

SMS marketing software automates the delivery of text messages to your leads. Salespeople can send SMS messages based on templates or set up nurture sequences manually.

SMS nurture sequences send texts based on time or prospect activity. This type of automation helps salespeople focus on selling while the software handles the delivery of the messages.

Text marketing automation schedules the sending of text messages for optimal delivery times and should be part of your marketing strategy. It also instantly notifies team members when a prospect has opened or responded to a text message.

Modern sales organizations benefit greatly from including SMS texting in their marketing campaigns.

Benefits of SMS Marketing Software

The benefits of text marketing automation are numerous. Bulk SMS marketing, by mass texting contact lists, isn't feasible by manually entering phone numbers and messages . When you automate outreach to potential customers, you improve sales efficiency.

With SMS marketing automation, salespeople don't have to think about who to text and when. Salespeople don't have to think about where leads are in the customer journey; the software does it for them.

Automated text marketing solutions save salespeople valuable time and help make SMS replies an inbound opportunity rather than an outbound task. Salespeople respond to text messages as prospects reply to SMS messages sent from the texting platform. Receiving text messages from prospects can also be used as a qualifying stage.

SMS messaging has become one of the best methods of reaching sales prospects. Text communication is also an easier method for prospects to ask questions without the pressure of a sales call. For this reason, Text marketing has a track record of improving overall contact rates and shortening sales cycles. SMS marketing software also allows for links in messages to sales offers or other marketing pages.

SMS marketing combined with email marketing and a power dialer can improve your overall open rate. Improving your open rate, improves your contact rate, win rate, and ROI from your lead generation and sales efforts.

SalesExec's SMS Marketing Process

Creating Templates
Step 1

Creating Templates

Create SMS marketing templates for your entire sales team or call center agents. Lead field tags can be used to auto-fill lead information, saving time and creating more personalized messages. Opt-in and opt-out language can be customized to fit your company policies and best practices.

With SalesExec automated texting, you can track the effectiveness of each template as soon as your sales team starts texting.

Setting Up Automated Text Nurture Sequences
Step 2

Setting Up Automated Text Nurture Sequences

Once you've created text templates, you should create text nurture or drip campaigns. Text nurture sequences can be created with variables like; time of day, time between texts, lead status changes, or lead actions.

These variables help determine the ideal message for the sales stage of your prospect, improving the likelihood of a successful reply. Set these parameters based on best practices for converting your ideal candidate and vertical.

Getting Instant Reply Notifications
Step 3

Getting Instant Reply Notifications

Salespeople can respond immediately when SalesExec notifies them that a potential customer has read or replied to a text. Each salesperson can quickly engage using a library of templates to pick appropriate responses in real-time.

Quickly send an SMS text to any lead or prospect, then call, or send automatic or manual emails to follow up.

Starting a Conversation with a Prospect
Step 4

Starting a Conversation with a Prospect

Response time is the foundation of effective sale engagement. When prospective customers reply to texts, sales agents must respond immediately.

Using two way texting, integrated with your lead management software, allows your sales team to respond to lead replies instantly.

Text templates help to speed up reply times because they are ready made responses. Templates should feel natural and be personalized as much as possible so that they speak directly to the prospect and their needs.

Automated SMS Marketing Software Advantages

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Automated SMS marketing software improves contact rates by reaching more prospects that are interested in your product or service

Inbound Text

Inbound Text

Improve sales by turning an outbound process into inbound text messages to hand off to your sales team.

Text SMS Templates

Text SMS Templates

Provide your sales team with valuable SMS text templates that answer your prospect's questions about your services.

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