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Sales Analytics Software and Lead Reporting

Lead reports are an essential component of an effective sales process. SalesExec's reporting software provides valuable insights into marketing and sales performance and the effectiveness of your lead flow.

SalesExec reports allow you to optimize lead flow, reward your best sales reps, and increase lead volume from lead sources.

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Sales Analytics Software and Lead Reporting

Improve Sales Performance with Actionable Reporting At Your Fingertips

Real-time reporting on each salesperson, team, or branch by the distribution strategy, with marketing source, lead source, and campaign results.

Add your custom sales statuses to each report to refine results that are specific to your sales process.

Improve Lead Quality with Marketing Performance Insights

Knowing which marketing sources are converting is critical to your sales and lead program.

With built-in goals, it is easy to spot top-performing lead sources and cut less valuable lead channels.

Marketing Performance Insights

Help Your Salespeople Improve Their Lead Conversion With Real-time Marketing Event Notifications

Marketing event notifications inform your salespeople when prospects respond to emails, texts, or calls. Your salespeople can then tailor follow-up messages and respond to prospective customers when they are engaging with automated marketing content delivered by SalesExec.

Activity Stream

Highlight Sales Achievement with Live Scoreboards

Configure stunning scoreboards that highlight sales achievement.

Add any scoreboard animation to a web browser, viewable on a TV on the sales floor.

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Live Scoreboards

Share Sales Information Across Your Organization with Sales Dashboards

Configure dashboards, share them across your organization, and view updated sales and marketing metrics in real time.

  • Leads by marketing source
  • Leads by state
  • Top calls by salesperson
  • Top sales by salesperson
  • Most appointments by salesperson
  • Contacted leads by salesperson

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Sales Dashboards

Reduction in Lead Cost with automated multi-touch prospect follow up


Average Improvement in salesperson activity with guided selling and lead prioritization


Average increase in contacted leads with text SMS vs. email


Contact rate improvement with local presence outbound dialing solution

What is Sales Analytics Software?

Sales analytics software is business intelligence software designed to help businesses analyze sales data and gain insights into sales performance. This allows for data-driven decisions to optimize the sales process.

One of the key features of sales analytics software is the ability to track and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs can include total revenue, sales growth rate, customer acquisition cost, conversion rates, and average deal size. By tracking these metrics over time, sales analytics software helps businesses identify trends and patterns in sales data, pinpointing problem areas.

In summary, sales analytics software is a powerful tool for businesses looking to optimize their sales process and drive growth. By collecting and analyzing sales data from various sources, sales analytics software provides valuable insights into sales performance.

Monitoring sales in real time with sales analytics software allows businesses to adapt quickly and avoid costly errors.

What is Lead Reporting?

Lead reporting is the process of tracking and analyzing data related to potential customers as they progress through the sales funnel. The goal of lead reporting is to provide insights into the effectiveness of your lead management process. It allows you to identify pain points and make data-driven decisions to optimize the sales process.

Lead reporting involves tracking key metrics such as the number of leads generated, conversion rates, time to conversion, and lead value. This tracking is usually done in a lead management system such as SalesExec.

Once the data is collected, it is analyzed to identify trends and patterns in the lead management process. Lead reporting can involve comparing current performance to historical data, tracking sales rep performance, and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

The insights gained from lead reporting can be used to improve the lead management process and optimize business performance.

If a lead report shows that a marketing campaign generates a high volume of non-converting leads, the business can focus on improving the lead quality from that campaign.

If a lead report shows that certain sales reps consistently outperform others in converting leads to customers, the business may focus on replicating their success across the entire sales team.

Lead reporting is a critical tool for businesses looking to improve their sales performance and optimize their lead management process. By collecting and analyzing data on lead management KPIs, businesses gain valuable insights into the sales process. This allows data-driven decisions to drive growth and profitability.

Real-time Sales and Marketing Reporting Advantages



Real-time interactive sales scoreboards highlight team achievement and keep your team on track.

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

Create your own sales dashboard that updates in real-time, then share it with anyone on your sales team.

Marketing Source Reports

Marketing Source Reports

Quickly spot underperforming marketing sources, highlight contact rate, contact to close, and more.

Distribution Reports

Distribution Reports

View the performance of your lead routing campaigns with real-time, actionable information to help guide decisions that will get the most out of your leads.

Sales Performance Reports

Sales Performance Reports

View sales performance by individual, teams, or branch locations, with filters for specific lead sources, distributions, and statuses.

Marketing Automation Reports

Marketing Automation Reports

View email open rates, text SMS response rates, and inbound call response from numbers purchases or ported to RingResponse.

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