Lead Management with Sales Automation for any Vertical

Your salespeople will surpass their quota by contacting 40−60% more of their leads, making 300+ phone calls a day

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Pull Lead Distribution
Matt Zoller
Matt Zoller

Sales Director, TruGreen

“Since working with ClickPoint, we have increased our digital sales by approximately 75%, delivering the exact formula needed to drive leads and sales.“
Lead Prioritization Solutions

Advanced Prioritization That Ensures Maximum ROI From Every Lead

  • Round Robin — Even distribution that moves from one salesperson to the next based on criteria or percentage.
  • Percent Delivery — Rank your team by skill and the system will deliver based on percentage allocation.
  • Shotgun — Notify all available salespeople that an inbound call or web lead is available, the first salesperson to respond gets the opportunity.
  • Recycle — Move neglected leads to the next best salesperson, ensuring no lead is neglected.
  • Availability — Only send calls and leads to salespeople that are available and ready.

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Customized Lead Management Software

Easy to Configure with Drag and Drop Configuration

Segment your sales channels with simple drag and drop configuration.

Design your lead management layout, just the way you want.

Create multiple sales channels with sales workflow, designed to improve follow up on new and existing prospects and leads.

Lead Management Screen

Intelligent Sales Acceleration Platform

The ClickPoint lead management solution provides immediate, real, and measurable value, improving all areas in the customer outreach and follow up process to immediately impact sales performance.

  • Guided Selling
  • Automate Sales Marketing
  • Prioritize Sales Activities
  • Outbound Dialing
  • Inbound Call Management
LendingTree, Zillow Lead Source Integrations

Get Leads Flowing Instantly with Lead Source Integrations

Fully integrated with the lead sources you love, like LendingTree, Zillow, and more. Simply map your fields and flip a switch to get internet leads routed instantly to your salespeople.

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Sales Analytics Software

Make Meaningful Decisions with Real-Time Actionable Reporting

Scoreboards will help your sales team visualize where they stand with calls, emails, and sales wins.

Dashboards will help management pinpoint underperforming lead sources while performance reports show sales team performance.

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RingResponse communication solutions

No Clunky Phone Integrations, Keep Your Existing Phones

If you have invested in landline or VoIP phones no need to worry, you can use RingResponse with any existing phone service.

Get started with a simple pay-as-you-go model that gives you the flexibility to monitor the results.

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Over 10,000 salespeople trust ClickPoint to help them make more dials, work more efficiently, reaching more
prospects, and convert more of their leads to paying customers.

6 Reasons Why ClickPoint is the Best

We make it easy for the modern salesperson to crush their quota
by responding instantly to inbound calls

All in One Solution

No more juggling different software applications. Your salespeople have everything they need to reach more prospects and win more deals.

Intuitive Design

Easily configure your lead management software to look and feel just the way you want, without hiring a specialist or obtaining an advanced technical degree.

Ahead of the Curve

ClickPoint is continually ahead of the curve, delivering communication tools that help your team do one thing, SELL MORE.

Outstanding Client Reviews

Our customers give ClickPoint excellent reviews due to exceptional improvement in lead quality, lead volume, and lead conversion.

Ability to Rapidly Scale

RingResponse combined with powerful lead management software enables you to rapidly scale your sales team, by providing one solution to capture and route inbound phone and web leads.

We Integrate with Your Applications

We realize 80% of companies deploy a best of breed strategy, which means you need assistance with internal and external application integration. Don't worry, ClickPoint is not like other SaaS companies, we will help you integrate your applications with our platform.

Amazing Support


ClickPoint provides a dedicated success manager that understands your sales objectives and account nuances.


ClickPoint provides either self-service or an onboard process designed specifically for you.


No tiered support plans, everyone has access to instant chat, software tours, product updates, and knowledge base.


Cloud hosting with Microsoft Azure ensures high availability and SLA's that include rapid support response.

+30% Reduction in Lead Cost with automated multi-touch prospect follow up
+66% Average Improvement in salesperson activity with guided selling and lead prioritization
+80% Average increase in contacted leads with text sms vs. email
+60% Contact rate improvement with local presence outbound dialing solution

Lead Management Software Advantages

Lead Prioritization

Prioritize leads and guide salespeople to make the next call, text, email, or schedule the next appointment.

Text SMS

Communicate instantly with prospects and leads via a text sms communication center. Create text templates with compliance and opt-out features.

Email Marketing

Convert more of your leads by automating email, delivered at critical stages of the customer journey.

Local Presence

Call more leads with integrated click-to-dial, power dial, and preview dial with local presence. Purchase individual area codes and increase contact rates.

Sales Scripts

Create dynamic sales scripts to help your sales team get off the ground fast without a ton of training.

Notifications & Screen Pops

Respond to new leads instantly with a notification and screen pop for phone calls, opened emails, text replies, and upcoming appointments.

Inbound IVR & Call Tracking

Purchase local or toll-free numbers and use them to capture and route calls from Google CPC campaigns, direct mail, billboards, or landing pages.


Real-time interactive sales scoreboards highlight team achievement and keep your team on track.

Mobile Lead Management

Manage your leads from anywhere with mobile lead management for both Android and IOS.