Amazing Onboard and Post Implementation Support


Onboard Process

The ClickPoint Customer Success team provides dedicated support services; an onboard process tailored specifically for you. For those times when you need support — the ClickPoint team is here to help via phone, chat, or email.

Support Assurance

Each client works with a dedicated success manager that is responsible for successful onboarding, adoption, and training. Each new account must fully adopt the software and have measurable performance outcomes to be declared a success.

The ClickPoint Team Measures Client Success by Actively
Tracking the Following Performance Metrics

Improve Sales Results

Clients always have access to the entire ClickPoint support team
via real-time online chat available in the software.

Azure Cloud

Highly Reliable and Scalable

All ClickPoint solutions and applications reside in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Microsoft Azure is considered to be one of the most reliable and secure hosting environments in the world, with nearly 50% of the fortune 500 on its network.

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Most Frequently Asked Question

How does Onboarding work?
How long does it take?
Is it painful?

Each client is different, but we do have some guidelines to help you understand what it takes to launch an account. Our team provides you with a document to help make the onboard process as efficient as possible. Most accounts under 20 seats can launch in as little as 1-2 weeks. Our goal is always a week but check out the process below to learn more about what is involved in creating an automated sales process.

The ClickPoint Onboarding Process


Lead Fields

We collect all the lead fields of information you collect on your website, existing software, or that you purchase from lead providers.


Sales Process

We learn more about your business and your sales process. We will then build your sales process into the ClickPoint solution and make recommendations based on our knowledge and best practices.


Lead Source Integration

We integrate all of your lead sources like your website or landing pages, third-party lead source, and any phone numbers you use to route phone calls. We apply budgets for marketing spend so that we can calculate real-time ROI on each lead source. We want to know in the first 30 days which lead sources are converting.


Marketing Automation

We will either add your email templates or use existing templates to ensure that there is a drip email process for various stages of your leads and prospects.


Lead Distribution

Our team will assess your current sales team and your plans for scaling your sales team and create the most optimal lead routing strategy. For most clients Shark Tank or Pull works best for driving contact rate and sales. For other clients, a mix of Shotgun lead routing and Round Robin is better for the type of sales team they have. We will help you create the best lead routing solution.