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What is ping-post?

The lead generation market is constantly evolving. One of the more recent evolutions is ping-post lead delivery. This type of lead routing allows lead generation companies to take on less inventory and provide more relevant leads to their lead buyers.

Ping-post delivery enables lead generation companies to deliver partial lead information to buyers before the lead is sold. This "ping" allows clients to preview a lead and decide if the lead fits their profile. If the buyer responds with a yes or positive response, LeadExec lead distribution software will then deliver the full lead data, the "post", to the buyer.

A ping might include the internet lead's state, loan amount, or credit profile but not the actual contact information. If the response comes back from the buyer that they approve the lead, LeadExec then posts the full details.

What is ping-post?

What is a ping tree?

A ping tree is a lead distribution process using ping-post to deliver leads to buyers with varied lead criteria.

Ping tree distribution sends a ping to multiple buyers (the tree) at once. Each member of this tree has the opportunity to bid on the pinged leads. Ping tree distribution helps lead sellers by increasing efficiency and lead revenue by creating a competitive marketplace for the leads to be sold.

Ping trees also provide value to lead buyers. Lead buyers can be more selective with the leads they buy and have more pricing options, allowing for better budget optimization.

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Benefits of ping-post lead distribution

Lead generation companies, lead buyers, and the consumer or lead all benefit from the ping-post solution. Before ping-post, lead sellers would sell their internet leads to multiple buyers and then could not control them; the buyers could then potentially sell the lead to other buyers. This process created a horrible experience for consumers simply looking for a product or service, and threatened the lead generation market.

  • Ping-post lead distribution aligns the needs of buyers and sellers by connecting only the leads that meet a buyer's profile and then creating a more relevant matches.
  • Lead sellers maximize their ROI on internet leads by getting their leads into the hands of the buyer willing to pay the most while buyers get what they want. Lead buyers can tighten their requirements when they buy and sell leads and not waste time and energy with leads that are not the best fit for their business.
  • Sellers have more opportunities to sell a wider variety of lead. Buyers get better qualified leads. Consumers get far fewer phone calls because their information is not oversold to buyers. The consumer matches with the buyer best suited for their needs, creating a win-win for all parties involved.

Ping-Post Features

Lead Preview

Lead Preview

Send partial lead information, wait for a response, then send the complete information to a lead buyer.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Create groups of buyers or a "ping tree" allowing bidding and pricing flexibility.

Define Selling Requirements

Define Selling Requirements

Sell leads using ping revenue requirements, profit requirements, profit percentage requirements, and minimum delivery count.

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