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LeadExec's advanced call routing and pay-per-call software provide tools for successful call generation and tracking. Additionally, its text-driven chat feature provides customers with an outstanding user experience. Text chat allows you to interact with prospective customers regardless of the medium they use to find you. LeadExec can also track campaigns, ads, and keywords that successfully bring interested prospects to your buyers, call center, or salespeople.

Call Sound Studio

Craft memorable customer encounters with LeadExec's Call Sound Studio. Create custom welcome announcements, choosing from numerous voices and intonations. More than 100 languages are available in Call Sound Studio.

  • Create inbound call flows with customized greetings and prompts
  • Use different human emotions in your call recordings
  • More than 100 languages supported
Call Sound Studio

Easy Drag and Drop Call Flow Designer

Using a straightforward interface to create call flows, complicated customer journeys are simplified. Collect more data about target prospects to generate more lucrative leads, ensuring they reach the most suitable salesperson or buyer.

  • Create call flows with an easy drag-and-drop user interface
  • Choose from simple pre-built templates
  • Tap into different APIs to enhance the call experience
  • Manage your call flows with our canvas notes and preview
Easy Drag and Drop Call Flow Designer

Web-Leads to Live Call Transfers

LeadExec can dial your web leads for you, then connect them with buyers or salespeople. It can call multiple buyers or salespeople, and the first to accept receives the live call. LeadExec sends the lead information to your CRM via email or text.

Real-time Call Flow Testing

With up-to-date call flow testing, you can guarantee your detailed call flows will be routed straight to buyers. This allows you to collect data while providing the most engaging prompts to the potential customer.

Real-time Call Flow Testing

Call Center IVR

LeadExec utilizes natural language processing and automated voice response, offering customers a realistic interactive experience prior to engaging with a salesperson.

Call Center IVR

Lightning-fast lead routing with LeadExec

Get your leads to buyers or sales teams in seconds with LeadExec distribution.

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Call Routing and Tracking

LeadExec's distribution engine routes calls to relevant locations and prioritizes them according to predetermined rules. Criteria such as round-robin, the highest bidder, or percentage can be used.

  • Route Calls based on a variety of criteria
  • Authenticate customers based on inputs and voice response
Call Routing and Tracking

Text Chat

LeadExec's SMS chat allows customers to communicate with your business quickly and efficiently. AI-generated responses help distinguish between bots and serious inquiries. Only genuine prospects will be sent to your buyers or salespeople. Advanced automation to ensures valuable opportunities are identified and prioritized.

  • AI-driven automation to create valuable prospects and remove bot traffic
  • Capture interest by generating automated responses on your website or landing pages
  • Notify your buyers or salespeople with text messages, email notifications, or phone calls
  • Organize all incoming inquiries and distribute them to specific channels to be analyzed before they are sent out
Text Chat

DNI — Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion improves marketing and keyword attribution on your pay-per-call campaigns. Automatically connect phone calls to the campaigns, pages, and ads that generated your calls.

DNI — Dynamic Number Insertion

What is Pay-Per-Call Software?

Pay-per-call marketing is a type of performance marketing that tracks source-specific phone numbers. Pay-per-call networks track calls in the same way that web links track specific URL clicks. The advertiser sets up a dedicated number tied to a specific ad. When a lead calls that number, the advertiser is charged for the call.

Pay-per-call campaigns are often used in industries where customers prefer phone contact. These industries include healthcare, insurance, financial, legal, and home services. Pay-per-call marketing is more effective for leads who prefer to speak directly with a person about products or services.

Pay-per-call advertising is a valuable strategy for businesses to acquire quality leads and extend their customer base. It provides a direct connection between the customer and the advertiser and allows for personalized communication and customer service.

What is Dynamic Number Insertion?

Dynamic number insertion is an online advertising tool that displays phone numbers based on their source (location, behavior, etc.) This enables marketers to track and evaluate their campaigns' results, seeing which channels, campaigns, or keywords are the most successful.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) system assigns each website visitor a unique telephone number based on their activities.

For instance, if someone clicks an online advertisement, the destination page will display a number associated with the ad. If that person returns to the same site from a different source, they will see a different number. This lets advertisers easily see which channels drive the most calls and adjust their strategies accordingly.

DNI is especially useful for businesses that rely on phone calls as a primary source of leads. By using DNI, businesses gain greater insight into the performance of their advertising campaigns. This allows them to optimize their marketing spend to generate more high-quality leads and conversions.

What is an IVR Call Center?

An IVR call center uses an automated phone system to route callers to appropriate agents, departments, or lead buyers. IVR is the technology that enables an automated phone system to interact with callers through voice and touch-tone keypad inputs. IVR systems provide self-service options to customers or route calls to appropriate departments or agents.

IVR systems typically greet callers with a recorded message that provides instructions for navigating the system. The caller then uses their phone keypad to select options or provide information. IVR can use this information to route the call, provide automated responses, or transfer the call to a live agent.

IVR is a highly effective lead-generation tool with all the benefits of call routing. When combined with intelligent lead distribution software, the workload on call centers is reduced. Sales agents spend less time fielding calls from low-value prospects and more time with qualified leads.

Additionally, IVR systems can provide data and analytics to improve lead sources, marketing campaigns, and customer experience.

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