All-In-One Sales Lead Management Software & Communication Solution

Reaching more prospects with outbound dialing, inbound call routing, Text SMS, and email nurture has never been easier.

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ClickPoint with RingResponse

More Leads. More Dials.
Radically Improved Sales Performance.

Every day we help salespeople in call centers, branch offices, and in
the field convert more of their prospects to paying customers

Engage More Prospects

Salespeople reach more prospects and leads with outbound dialing that includes the option to leave pre-recorded voicemails, dial with local presence, and automate lead prioritization. 300+ phone calls a day is easy with ClickPoint and RingResponse.

Capture all Calls and Web Leads

Create and integrate marketing sources and get both web leads and inbound phone calls flowing instantly to your sales team. Stop lead leakage from salespeople manually inputting lead information.

Automate Lead Prioritization

Take the guesswork out of trying to figure out which lead or prospect to call next, ClickPoint helps salespeople work more efficiently by serving up the next best lead based on a variety of best practice rules.

Real-Time Actionable Reporting

Get insights that help pinpoint the best lead sources, while helping to identify the ones that should be cut, helping drive more valuable leads to your salespeople.

Trusted By
“Since working with ClickPoint, we have increased our digital sales by approximately 75%.”
Matt Zoller
Matt Zoller

Sales Director, TruGreen

“Reduced contact time on leads from 30 minutes to less than 5, increasing agent productivity by 66%.”
Jeff Walter
Jeff Walter

Director, Terminix Call Center

“ClickPoint customized the sales solution, allowing us to reach more prospects at critical stages of their buying journey. As a result, we increased total sales applications by 20%.”
Mehdi Amini
Mehdi Amini

Owner, AMG Mortgage

Call Flow Designer

Stop Inbound Call Leakage with Call Capture and Call Routing

Design call flows that prioritize and instantly route calls from offline and online marketing campaigns.

Stop lead leakage that results from your salespeople manually entering inbound calls as leads.

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Lead Management Screen

Efficiently Dial and Connect with More Prospects

Salespeople improve contact rates by 40-60% with the ClickPoint local presence outbound dialing solution.

  • Including local presence & pre-recorded voicemail drops.
  • Transfer calls to other salespeople, teams, and into call flows.

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Easily Design Your Own Sales Workflow and Layout

Segment your sales channels with simple drag and drop configuration.

Design your lead management sales process with minimal effort.

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Real Results In 30 Days Or Less

+30% Reduction in Lead Cost with automated multi-touch prospect follow up
+66% Average Improvement in salesperson activity with guided selling and lead prioritization
+80% The average increase in contacted leads with Text SMS vs. email
+60% Contact rate improvement with local presence outbound dialing solution

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Lead Distribution

Capture More ROI From Every Lead with Advanced Lead Prioritization

  • Round Robin — Even distribution with percentage allocation that delivers leads in order of priority.
  • Shotgun — Notifies all available salespeople that an inbound call or web lead is available, the first salesperson to answer the call gets connected.
  • Recycle — Move neglected leads to the next best salesperson.

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SMS Texting Software

Reach More Prospects by Sending & Receiving Text SMS Messages

Connect with 60% more of your leads with Text SMS vs. email nurture.

Create Text SMS templates for all of your internal call center salespeople or remote agents.

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Enhance Your Email Lead Nurturing Efforts by Create Stunning Emails, Delivered at Exactly the Right Time

Create your own emails with plain text or HTML templates designed to increase open rates.

  • Deliver every email and track open and success rate.
  • Agents get instant notifications when emails are opened.

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Drive Sales Performance with Actionable Data

Real-time reporting on each salesperson, team, or branch by the distribution strategy, with marketing source analysis.

Add custom sales statuses to each report, to refine results.

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