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Lead Distribution with LeadExec

LeadExec lead distribution enables companies to capture, qualify, and distribute leads and calls in real-time.

What is lead distribution?

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Lead Capture

Capture leads and track lead sources from forms, affiliates, and phone campaigns. Instantly distribute leads to customers or internal teams.

Lead Delivery

All methods of lead distribution are available, including; Ping Post, HTTP Post, email, text, and automated rules engine for lead prioritization.  


Automate lead routing to branch offices and franchises with ease and dependability, ensuring rapid response from any location.


Get the information you need to accelerate decision-making. Create custom reports that reveal exactly how each campaign performs. Drive more ROI from your lead flow with real-time reporting.

Invoicing & Billing

Easily capture payments and account for lead order fulfillment with automated invoicing and billing. Managing a lead generation business from a single software platform has never been easier.

Lead Hygiene

Inbound IVR with optimized routing to get live calls directly to your sales reps in real-time.

Lead Management with LeadManager

ClickPoint LeadManager optimizes your lead management process, improving contact and close rates from digital leads and inbound phone calls. 

What is lead management?

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Power Dialer

Outbound dialer with logic based prioritization for optimal contact rates. Built-in, dynamic sales scripts speed up training and ensure efficient lead follow ups.

Inbound Call Routing

Inbound IVR with optimized routing to get live calls directly to your sales reps in real-time. Call forwarding, call recording, and geo-location to transfer live calls directly to salespeople, teams, or branch locations, in real-time.

Email Marketing

Automate email for optimal delivery times, track opens, clicks, and replies. View conversation threads and integrate with Google & Office 365 to engage more of your leads. Create email templates that work best for your lead nurturing strategy.

SMS Marketing

Automate text messages for immediately or scheduled delivery at optimal times of the day for best contact rates. Real-time response notifications and direct two-way text conversations.

Marketing & Sales Reporting

Track all of your sales activities, highlight individual and team achievement, spot problem lead sources. Drive more ROI from your lead flow with real-time reporting.

Why ClickPoint?

ClickPoint Delivers

ClickPoint Software builds intelligent solutions to capture, distribute, and optimize prospect engagement, prospect marketing, sales automation, and response. LeadExec & ClickPoint LeadManager enhance your sales and marketing technology stack, from lead generation to closed deals.

With ClickPoint, marketing and sales attain superior results from their lead generation efforts. With a focus on transparency, automation, and integration.

Sell More Leads

LeadExec Lead Distribution enables companies to capture, qualify, and distribute leads and calls in real time. LeadExec is a lead distribution powerhouse, offering every type of lead distribution, including; Ping Post, HTTP post, email, and text.

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ClickPoint Lead Manager

Accelerate Sales Wins

ClickPoint LeadManager provides lead capture, lead distribution, power dialing, lead nurture, email, and SMS marketing. Everything a sales team needs to manage and engage leads. ClickPoint LeadManager makes the sales process smarter, faster and simpler, to contact and close more leads in less time.

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ClickPoint Lead Manager

Contact More Prospects

ClickPoint LeadManager features a power dialer with intelligent call routing for optimal contact rates. Follow up with leads more efficiently with dynamic sales scripts that load based on a prospect's responses.  

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ClickPoint Lead Manager

Prioritize Inbound Calls

ClickPoint LeadManager's IVR features optimized call routing, call forwarding, and geo-location to send live calls directly to salespeople, teams, or branch locations, in real time.

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ClickPoint Lead Manager

Improve Prospect Communications

ClickPoint LeadManager's automated email marketing allows users to schedule email delivery, view conversation threads and track opens, clicks, and replies. Google Workspace & Office 365 integration make cross platform workflows even easier.

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ClickPoint Lead Manager

Create Inbound Text Replies

Automate text messages for immediate or scheduled delivery. Optimize scheduled delivery times for better contact rates. Get real time response notifications and initiate two-way text conversations with prospects.

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Our contact rate went from 22% to 65%... ensuring a quick ROI.
Matt Zoller
Monica Brogan
Director, Inside Sales, Rentokil
ClickPoint reduced response time on leads from 30 minutes to less than 5, helping to close more deals, increasing productivity by 66%!
Jeff Walter
Jeff Walter
Sales & Retention Manager, Terminix
Since working with ClickPoint, we have increased our digital sales by approximately 75%. Recent updates enabled us to grow more efficiently at scale, adding to our success and delivering the exact formula needed to drive leads and sales.
Matt Zoller
Matt Zoller
Sales Director, TruGreen

Engaging With ClickPoint

ClickPoint clients don't just get the best lead software. ClickPoint works to understand your current sales and marketing tech stack. We evaluate how to work with your existing stack to deliver the best results. ClickPoint project managers are dedicated to your success because we believe that we succeed when you succeed.

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Scores based on reputable, third-party customer surveys.

Evolve Your Sales Process

Aggregate / Integrate

Native integrations and Zapier connections make it easy to import leads and inbound calls into your lead distribution software. From LeadExec, send leads to ClickPoint LeadManager, data visualization solution, and your CRM, connecting your entire sales and marketing tech stack.

Configure Lead Prioritization

Build the best automated lead prioritization process for your business, based on best practices, and customized to your sales model. We help companies distribute and prioritize inbound leads for internal sales teams, call centers, branch locations, and lead buyers. We ensure leads are prioritized based on dynamic factors that reduce response time and improve contact rates.

Optimize Your Lead Flow

We work with you to optimize your lead routing. In the first 60 days, ClickPoint collects data and refines your lead distribution rules to achieve contact rates better than 65%. You’ll achieve maximum ROI from your leads with multi-touch sales cadences, email and SMS marketing outreach.

How does ClickPoint LeadManager achieve better outcomes from your leads?

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ClickPoint LeadManager sends real-time lead notifications. Sales agents know exactly who and when to call, email, or text to achieve higher contact rates.

Interactive activity streams and sales dashboards help salespeople understand what their priorities are.


Multi-step dialing with sales scripts and automated lead prioritization take the guesswork out of sales follow-up.

Powerful "Pull" based lead prioritization allows salespeople to work leads as a team and achieve optimal results as you scale.


With Office 365 and Google integration, all emails and appointments are synced. ClickPoint LeadManager provides real-time updates on email open rates, click rates, and replies and includes all conversation history.

The ClickPoint WebRTC dialer makes it simple for salespeople to start dialing, requiring no additional phone equipment.

What is lead distribution?

Lead generation strategies such as email marketing, online advertising, social media and inbound calls generate sales leads. Those leads need to be sent to salespeople and contacted as quickly as possible.

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Deliver Leads

Lead distribution delivers leads to lead buyers, sales teams, or third-party software applications. Effective lead routing requires automation software to capture leads quickly and distribute them as fast as possible based on various criteria.

Verify Leads

Lead data needs to be verified; phone numbers and email addresses must be valid. Every lead needs to be checked to be sure that they can be contacted legally.

Sell Leads

Automation software verifies, analyzes, and matches each lead with the most appropriate buyer or sales agent.

What is lead management?

Lead management is how sales prospects are managed through the customer journey, from sales qualified leads to conversions.

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Create Sales Opportunities

Lead management software captures and scores leads, prioritizing the most valuable prospects and routing them to sales agents.

Manage Inbound Marketing

Inbound leads are instantly routed for immediate follow-up.

Nurture Prospects’ Interest

Leads are nurtured through scheduled follow-up communications.

Engage with Prospects

Sales engagement by email, text, and outbound calling is all handled through the lead management application.