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Elevate Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

SalesExec lifts your contact and response rates with automated, multi-touch nurture and drip campaigns.

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Elevate Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

Enhance your lead nurture efforts by creating stunning emails and delivering them to your prospects at exactly the right time.

Create emails with plain text or HTML templates designed for increased open rates. Schedule emails for delivery at the right stage of your customers' buying journey, maximizing open and reply rates. Analyze and improve your emails with email tracking.

  • Send in-app from your email address
  • Track email open rate and reply rate
  • Get real time notifications when a lead opens your email
Enhance your lead nurture efforts by creating and delivering stunning emails

Build a repeatable sales engagement process with email templates.

Create standardized email templates for your sales team, call center, or branch locations to ensure a consistent, repeatable sales process.

Use lead field tags that autofill lead information, saving time and creating more personalized messages.

Build a repeatable sales engagement process with email templates

Integrate with your email client for a simple, seamless sales process.

SalesExec is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, allowing you to send, receive and track emails across platforms. Schedule with synchronized Microsoft 365 calendar appointments. Sales reps can view entire email conversation threads in SalesExec. With automated email sync and conversation history available to sales reps, they get a complete picture of all prospect correspondence. Sales reps can easily respond and move prospects through the buying cycle.

Make quick changes to your email drip campaigns with actionable reporting.

View complete email history, track open and delivery rates, and view click-through and email response rates.

Reach more prospects with email nurture or bulk send to your email list.

With a series of perfectly timed emails, your message will be delivered at the right time in the sales cycle. Trigger email delivery based on lead status changes, when emails are opened, or at critical stages of the buyer cycle.


Reduction in Lead Cost with automated multi-touch prospect follow up


Average Improvement in salesperson activity with guided selling and lead prioritization


Average increase in contacted leads with text SMS vs. email


Contact rate improvement with local presence outbound dialing solution

SalesExec Email Marketing

Email Templates
Step 1

Create Email Templates

Create email messages for every sales cadence or nurture step. Utilize best practices like embedded video and include meeting or appointment scheduling CTAs to drive prospects the next stage.

Personalize emails with signature tags and clarify value propositions that make your company stand out. Determine the number of emails necessary to move prospects from initial interest to ready-to-buy.

  • Create HTML or Plain Text emails to be used by your sales team with personalization components that improve open rates.
  • Label your templates and create groups of email templates for different stages in the prospect buying journey.
Email Nurture and Drip Sequences
Step 2

Create Email Nurture and Drip Sequences

Optimize email delivery with advanced nurture sequences and drip campaigns. Email nurture sequences improve the chance of a prospect opening, clicking, or replying to your emails.

Decide early on if your customers prefer plain text vs. HTML. Set optimal email delivery times. For drip campaigns, set duration between emails. For nurture sequences define triggers to deliver an emails for each stage stage in the buying journey.

  • Create sequences that timed with the project buying journey.
  • Create email nurture and drip sequences that deliver email at optimal times when prospects can most likely view your emails.
Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace Integration
Step 3

Enable Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace Integration

Enable Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace integration so that sales reps can respond to email replies from their lead management software. With email synced in the SalesExec, sales reps can efficiently reply and stay on top of prospect communication.

  • Utilize synced email to improve sales efficiency.
  • Use conversation threads to see a complete view of all email communications and respond quickly.
Open, Clicks, and Replies
Step 4

Measure Open, Clicks, and Replies and Optimize

The most important part of successful automated email marketing is reviewing the data. If an email has a poor open or reply rate, it is necessary to make changes. Review the data weekly and encourage your salespeople to consistently personalize email templates for better results.

  • Review email open, click-through, and email reply rates and make adjustments.
  • Ensure salespeople consistently personalize emails.

Upgrade your email marketing

Improve contact and response rates with SalesExec.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Email Marketing Software?

Automated email marketing software allows companies to send automated emails to improve marketing communications. By aligning sales and marketing, your team can work together to craft the right message for your prospects. With email marketing software you can improve response from email by sending emails to prospects at optimal times of the day.

Email nurture sequences allow companies to set optimal email delivery triggered by new leads entering your lead management software. The duration between email sends is critical to your overall email campaign success. Just as important is determining when to deliver additional follow-up emails based on status updates and contact attempts, or replies.

With automated email delivery, you ensure the best messaging is delivered to prospects. Your marketing efforts will pay off when emails are crafted by your marketing department and delivered by the sales team.

Benefits of Automated Email Marketing Software

Using email marketing software with lead management software improves the chances of contacting your leads and prospects. It gives your salespeople a valuable tool to communicate with prospects in their preferred communication method.

The benefits reflect higher contact and win rates, with on- brand messaging that helps salespeople reach more of their prospects.

What is an email nurture campaign?

An email nurture campaign is marketing strategy that consists of a series of emails that are triggered by actions taken by a lead, or "events". Nurturing is the process of guiding leads through the buying process by delivering targeted and relevant information. Every action that a lead takes helps to define the stage of their buyers journey and the type of communication that will keep them engaged.

Lead scoring can be used to trigger nurture emails or they can be triggered by specific actions such as pricing page or blog visits. The key to a strong nurture campaign is providing leads with timely information that guides them to a call to action that moves them toward a sale.

What is an email drip campaign?

Drip campaigns are automated marketing campaigns that send personalized emails to your leads over an extended period of time. Drip email campaigns are a lower impact touch than standard sales emails or nurture campaigns.

Emails in a drip campaigns act as reminders to your contacts, keeping you on their mind. Drip campaigns are particularly effective with leads that show interest but may not be qualified at the first contact or who are looking at other options.

Improve Contact Rates with Email
Marketing Software

Automated Email

Automated Email

Utilize best practices with automated email delivered at optimal times for better open rates.



Ensure salespeople utilize integrated email through Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.



Craft emails that are appropriate for the stage of the buying journey for new prospects and leads.

Actionable Data

Actionable Data

Analyze results and make changes to emails to improve open and email reply rates.



Turn on notifications that notify salespeople when emails are opened, clicked, or replied to for a better chance of connection.

Content-rich Emails

Content-rich Emails

Include embedded video, links to a calendar for appointment scheduling, and personalize email content that helps prospects understand your value proposition.

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