Intelligent Inbound Call Routing and IVR

Call Routing has never been easier, purchase or port local or toll-free numbers and instantly route calls, ensuring every potential customer connects with your sales team.

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Matt Zoller
Matt Zoller

Sales Director, TruGreen

“Since working with ClickPoint, we have increased our digital sales by approximately 75%, delivering the exact formula needed to drive leads and sales.“
Number Store

Instantly Purchase Numbers for Call Tracking

Purchase or port your numbers and then use them on your website, in direct mail campaigns, Google Ads, or in commercials to drive more inbound calls to your sales team.

Call Routing Software

Generate More Inbound Calls

Design call flows that prioritize and instantly route calls from offline and online marketing campaigns to the best salesperson, loan officer, agent, or advisor.

Utilize Criteria and Rules-Based Routing including state, area code, zip code, and skill.

Upload or use Text to Speech to create welcome dynamic welcome messages.

Redirect calls to mobile phones and offsite locations.

Create key press directories and options for callers to find their way to the right team.

Shotgun and round-robin call routing

Instantly Deliver Calls to Salespeople

Deliver calls to your salespeople or sales teams with shotgun or round-robin call routing.

Once someone on your team answers a call, they can transfer instantly to other teammates, locations, or into other call flows.

Sales Lead Analytics Solution

Acquire More Leads With Actionable Reporting

Cut underperforming lead sources or deactivate phone numbers used in call capture campaigns that are not producing the highest conversions.

Actionable insights help you identify your best sources, double down, and increase your lead flow.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Watch the video and learn why you cannot ignore call tracking & call routing as part of your digital and traditional marketing plan. Inbound calls convert at a much higher rate than any other type of lead, and with the right technology, you can harness the most powerful method of connecting with potential customers.

+30% Reduction in Lead Cost with automated multi-touch prospect follow up
+66% Average Improvement in salesperson activity with guided selling and lead prioritization
+80% Average increase in contacted leads with text sms vs. email
+60% Contact rate improvement with local presence outbound dialing solution

Convert More Calls With Call Distribution & Tracking

Purchase or Port

Search for and purchase local or toll-free numbers or port your existing numbers to capture inbound calls. Use your numbers on landing pages, print, direct mail, or with any marketing campaign.

Call Flows

Create call flows that deliver your inbound calls to call centers, teams, or branch locations using a variety of delivery rules like state, area code, zip code, and more to get your calls to the right salesperson.

Queue-Based Routing

Create teams in queues where RingResponse looks for available users, then utilizes sophisticated routing rules like Round Robin or Shotgun to ensure inbound call delivery.

Redirect Calls

When your team is unavailable, RingResponse can redirect calls to an overflow queue, to another subsequent call center, branch location, or salesperson.

Screen Pops

Ensure every inbound call is associated with a marketing campaign, eliminating manual lead creation, and providing useful lead details to the appropriate salesperson.

Inbound IVR Menu

Use keypress in your incoming call message to direct callers to the right team like sales, support, admissions, billing, or processing.