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LeadExec Lead Distribution

Instant lead capture
Step 1

Lead Capture

Capture and track all leads from vendors and lead sources, forms, publishers, affiliate marketers, and phone campaigns. Generate posting documents to assist third parties in sending leads directly into your lead distribution software.

  • Capture leads from third-party lead providers & affiliates.
  • Capture, record, and route phone calls from forms, landing pages, and lead sources.
  • Integrated form providers make it easy to get leads from Unbounce, Formstack, or WuFoo.
  • Capture and route live call transfers to buyers based on your rules.
  • Vendor & lead source portal for tracking submissions of lead data and integration documentation.
Lead qualification and compliance
Step 2

Lead Qualification and Compliance

Accept only the best leads with turnkey lead qualification, compliance, and lead scoring. Ensure no bad leads make it to your buyers or sales teams. Instantly reject bad or fraudulent leads with missing information, duplicates, wrong phone numbers, or emails.

  • Lead qualification with USPS standard phone number & email format validation.
  • TCPA consent validation with geo-location and compliance certificate.
  • Lead scoring with mobile phone and email check.
  • LeadExec features lead qualification with rejection for "no coverage" or "no sale", duplicate checks, and quantity constraints.
Step 3

Best-in-Class Lead Distribution

Automate multiple delivery and distribution types to send leads where they need to go in seconds. Delivery issues trigger real-time notifications.

  • Deliver leads and incoming calls via percentage, price, round-robin, weighted, and order priority.
  • Distribute leads to clients by HTTP post, Get, ping-post, email, text, or to lead management software.
Simplify lead selling and payments
Step 4

Simplify Lead Selling and Payments

LeadExec combines powerful lead distribution software with tools to manage your vendors and client orders, invoicing, and payments. It's all you need to run a professional lead generation business in one web-based app. Vendors track performance in real-time, while automated delivery and orders simplify invoicing and payments.

  • Vendor portal for tracking returns, payouts, and submissions of lead data.
  • Branded customer portal for clients to manage orders, invoices, payments, and returns with lead management.
  • Authorize.net and Stripe integrations receive payments from invoices and orders.
  • Real-time currency conversion.

Lightning-Fast Lead Routing With LeadExec

Get your leads to buyers or sales teams in seconds with LeadExec distribution.

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Customize reports to close the gaps
Step 5

Customize Reports
to Close the Gaps

LeadExec gives performance marketers, advertisers, publishers, and agencies the information they need to accelerate decision-making. In high-stakes digital advertising, knowing which lead sources and campaigns are performing is critical. With custom reporting, you can create reports that reveal exactly how each campaign performs.

Track lead value by lead source

Track lead value by lead source

Track your profit from leads by source monthly, yearly, or within a custom time frame. Track the lead source and campaigns associated with the lead source in real-time.

Track rejected lead by source

Track "rejected lead by source"

Track your profit from leads by source over a month, year, or custom time frame. Track the lead source and associated campaigns in real-time.

Track lead orders and open invoices

Track lead orders and open invoices

Manage all of your buyers and lead orders from one screen, and ensure a lead supply to fill your open orders.

Track lead value by lead delivery to buyers

Track lead value by lead delivery to buyers

Track your lead campaign revenue, by buyer, to understand if your campaigns are profitable.

Synchronize data with deep integrations
Step 6

Synchronize Data With Deep Integrations

With LeadExec, your lead data syncs with data analysis applications like PowerBi or Tableau. LeadExec helps to manage external marketing agencies, affiliates, and third-party lead sources more efficiently. This drives higher ROI from lead generation campaigns.

  • All of your favorite software solutions work together with a powerful suite of integrations.
  • Native integrations with payment gateways like Stripe and Authorize.net.
  • Landing page integrations with companies like Unbounce.
  • Zapier integrations, including QuickBooks, PowerBi, and Facebook Ads.
  • Integrated form providers make it easy to get leads from companies like Unbounce, Formstack, and WuFu.

Seamless Solutions for a Borderless World

Language Translation for Chatbot Interactions

Language Translation for Chatbot Interactions

LeadExec includes built-in language translation for AI chatbot leads. This allows for automated, real-time conversations in multiple languages. Simplify communication and interact with leads without language limitations.

Multi-Language Interface

Multi-Language Interface

Translate Lead Exec’s interface into any language for easy use in any country. This feature supports 24-hour lead management, ideal for lead distribution across time zones.

Drive Performance With Lead
Qualification and Compliance

LeadExec’s lead qualification ensures long-term, sustainable success.

No bad leads, no duplicate records

No bad leads, no duplicate records

LeadExec ensures delivery of valid, interested leads to buyers or sales teams while automatically removing duplicate leads. Leads with inaccurate information are removed from the lead distribution system and passed back to vendors.

Set lead qualifications

Set lead qualifications

LeadExec can automate the lead qualification process with the correct lead qualification parameters. Mobile phone checks, email validation, and "reject for no sale" or "coverage." These lead qualification measures ensure buyers only get leads that match their criteria.

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance

LeadExec features real-time Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) validation on websites, forms, vendors, and affiliate forms. This validation ensures consumer consent. Providing interested, qualified, and compliant leads improves seller reputation and lead quality. LeadExec provides a data certificate for every TCPA validated lead.

What is lead distribution software?

Lead distribution software captures leads from websites, landing pages, social media channels, email, and inbound calls.

Once leads are captured, the distribution software qualifies them and ensures compliance. Lead qualification checks for contact and data accuracy, while compliance ensures that TCPA consent guidelines are followed. After lead qualification, distribution software determines where to distribute leads. Leads can be sent to other software applications or via email, text, or web portal for buyers or salespeople to retrieve.

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Why do I need lead distribution software?

Lead distribution software accepts leads from internal and external performance marketing channels and verifies their email addresses. Once verified, leads forward to buyers or sales reps.

Lead distribution can also integrate directly into your lead management process. Leads can be delivered to a lead management system or CRM by HTTP Post, Get, or ping-post. Customer delivery can be done via email, text, or live transfer.

Robust lead distribution helps generate revenue from leads or assigns leads to multiple locations, buyers, or software solutions. Lead distribution software also archives lead data and provides meaningful reports with insights that drive lead volume.

Benefits of Using LeadExec
Lead Distribution Software

LeadExec is all you need to automate your lead distribution to buyers, clients, or sales teams. LeadExec provides real-time lead distribution with any delivery method your clients require. Posting leads is easy via ping-post, HTTP Post, email, text, and our web-based client portal.

The LeadExec client portal allows your clients to purchase leads and pay for them via integrations with Stripe or Authorize.net.

Set up campaigns and receive leads from third-party lead providers, your website, or native advertising. Zapier integration allows leads to flow from landing page providers like Unbounce or Facebook forms. LeadExec helps manage live call transfers, pay-per-call, and digital leads from one web-based and mobile-optimized platform.

Lead Distribution Software

LeadExec for Lead
Gen Companies

LeadExec helps lead generation companies scale by efficiently managing marketing campaigns and vendors – routing leads for maximum value.

Using a "sold count," LeadExec automatically delivers leads based on price, percentage, weighted delivery, etc., maximizing ROI for all your campaigns. There is no need for developer resources; every step of the lead distribution process is managed easily with LeadExec.

Lead Distribution Software

LeadExec for Lead
Buying Companies

Qualify leads and ensure delivery in seconds. Easily manage and report on performance marketing channels.

Automate lead routing to branch offices and franchises with ease and dependability, ensuring rapid response from any location. There is no need for developer resources; every step of the lead distribution process is managed easily with LeadExec.

Why is LeadExec by ClickPoint Software the
most trusted lead distribution software?

  • Integrate all your landing pages, lead sources, and campaigns.
  • Qualify leads, and ensure that no bad leads are sent to your buyers or sales teams.
  • Customized reporting tells you precisely which campaigns and lead sources are performing.
  • Streamline payments, invoices, and lead orders.
  • Provide a branded lead portal for your buyers and vendors.
  • Hosting with Microsoft Azure for maximum uptime and reliability.

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