ClickPoint Software is Sales Engagement

Built to simplify the sales process, enabling salespeople to communicate with more prospects
by using the right communication channel at the right time.

We Want All Salespeople To Succeed

At ClickPoint, we recognized a considerable problem with emerging technology and the rise of the informed consumer. We all love to research before we buy anything these days, but this presents a problem for salespeople who ultimately want to have meaningful conversations with potential customers and to present them with viable solutions. With technology rapidly progressing, the informed consumer has more options than ever to avoid conversations at all costs. These days a salesperson is required to use several complex software programs all at once to try and reach a potential customer. It can seem like an impossibly complex undertaking. We wanted to make it easier for salespeople to communicate with customers using the customers preferred communication method, at the right time, and so we did. ClickPoint Software helps salespeople with a sales solution that enables them to communicate with their prospects at the right time via phone, text, email, or chat.

A Dedicated & Passionate Team

From locations throughout the world, the ClickPoint team is working to simplify the way salespeople communicate and follow up with their customers. ClickPoint is a sales engagement and sales lead management solution that delivers results for sales teams of all sizes.

  • 10+ Years Empowering Sales Teams of all Sizes
  • Multiple Awards from SLMA, Leads Council
  • Amazing Customer Service, Reviews, and Ratings
  • Employees in Four States and Four Countries
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Powered by a Few Guiding Principles

We discovered that a critical component to a successful team, one built on trust, is driven by Accountability. We take ownership of problems and take responsibility for our work. Even if we are not the one who will ultimately fix a problem, we shepherd the process until resolution. We believe that Best Ideas Win. We encourage challenging ideas and we trust that the best ideas will win for the benefit of our customers. Creativity is nothing if people are guarded. At Clickpoint, we create and share our ideas. We show our unfinished work for feedback, and we take risks. We look for and expect one another to act with Integrity. We accept total responsibility for our work without excuses. We Support one Another and are always coachable and open to learning new things.

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