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What are live call transfers?

Live call transfers send live phone leads seamlessly from call centers to lead buyers. Live call transfer software is valuable call center software as it allows for the immediate routing of warm leads to sales agents.

Live transfer leads are high-value leads because they are interested prospects, ready to speak with a salesperson. Live call transfers are usually higher in cost. Contact centers spend a lot of time and effort to reach and contact prospects and therefore charge a premium.

Live transfers are usually created in call centers where sales reps are responding to online inquiries to engage with potential prospects. LeadExec live call transfers work with multiple calling solutions creating a seamless process for agents to warm transfer calls to buyers quickly. Once a connection with a prospect is made, and interest is verified, the agent on the call must find a buyer.

The LeadExec live call transfer feature scans all available orders and presents the best match. Additionally, the duration of the call is recorded. The call can be recorded with prospect consent to verify lead interest and confirm a successful transfer.

LeadExec offers a web-based buyer portal where buyers can track their live transfers. This ensures accurate invoicing and can help to determine when buyers should place additional orders.

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What is the difference between live call transfers and direct transfers?

Direct transfers are blind or cold transfers, routed via interactive voice response "IVR" software directly to lead buyers from phone numbers listed in ad campaigns.

In this scenario, the prospective lead never speaks to a live agent in a call center. The lead is routed via an IVR system based on variables like product type, area code, zip code, or other parameters. LeadExec provides call routing with IVR technology and programmable call flow. This enables seamless routing to buyers based on orders or custom criteria.

The benefits of live call transfers

Rather than making outbound calls to cold leads, they connect with prospects who have already expressed interest. Most companies that buy leads provide a mix of inbound calls and internet leads that require outbound dialing. The product mix helps distinguish your company as one that can fulfill multiple types of internet leads and live call transfers.

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