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Power Dialer Wth Automated Lead Follow-Up

A power dialer prioritizes sales leads, includes sales scripts and local presence dialing, and empowers sales teams to contact more leads. Whether your sales team is making warm or cold calls, a power dialer can help improve results. Call center agents can add internet leads to a call campaign and start making outbound calls with one click.

ClickPoint LeadManager Power Dialing Process

Create Call Campaigns
Step 1

Create Call Campaigns

Add leads to a campaign manually or automatically distribute internet leads into call campaigns for your salespeople.

The ClickPoint LeadManager power dialing feature allows you to set conditions and rules for available calling campaigns. You can create campaigns for new hot leads to ensure you have specialized teams calling on the best possible prospects.

  • Create calling campaigns for specific sales and call center teams.
  • Enable sales and call cadences and set criteria rules for follow-up.
  • Enable state calling hours to ensure compliance.
  • Set the number of times each prospect is callable along with the duration between calls.
  • Assign your sales reps to the calling campaign and allow them to start dialing.
Step 2

Setup Sales Call Scripts

Create sales call scripts associated with each calling campaign. Every company has multiple sales opportunities that require specialized sales scripts.

Sales scripts will help onboard sales reps faster, ensuring they communicate the right things at the right time on each call.

  • Create dynamic sales scripts that enable fast sales onboarding and on-brand communication.
  • Use field tags to personalize sales scripts so that sales reps have a better chance of meaningful conversation with their prospects.
Step 3

Enable Pre-Recorded Voice Mails

Have your sales reps record voicemails that they would like to leave if they get an answering machine.

Salespeople can select a pre-recorded message and deliver it with the push of a button.

  • Direct sales reps to pre-record voicemails that they can send with the click of a button
Step 4

Automate Email and Text Messages

If you are trying to reach a prospect by phone, other options for communication outreach coincide with phone call attempts. You vastly increase your chances of connecting with an opportunity by automating email and text with automated messages.

Additionally, once you have exhausted contact attempts by phone, your power dialing software should flag opportunities that need nurturing. When your power dialer works with email and text, it increases the likelihood of making initial contact.

  • Improve your contact rates by automating email and text marketing in conjunction with phone power dialing.
  • Send emails at intervals and ideal times where prospects are likely to open and read a text message or email.
Step 5

Enable Local Presence, Safe Listing, and Local Numbers

Recent telephone carrier updates have made it difficult for sales organizations to reach potential prospects using automated outreach. Local numbers associated with each sales rep reduce the likelihood of getting a “Spam Likely” rejection, leading to low connection rates. The ClickPoint Power Dialer features a safe listing service and local numbers to reduce “Spam Likely” flagged calls.

  • Improve contact rates by safe listing your business with telephone carriers.
  • Improve contact rates by using local numbers associated with each sales rep vs. one for multiple salespeople. Local numbers reduce the likelihood of calls resulting in “Spam Likely”.

What is power dialing software?

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Power dialing software helps salespeople and call center agents call their leads more efficiently. A power dialer has intelligent lead prioritization, allowing companies to create numerous campaigns and rules to ensure every lead is contacted the ideal amount of times.

Power dialer software moves from one lead to the next after a salesperson enters a call disposition. If a number is busy, disconnected, or there is no answer, the power dialer calls the next phone number, ensuring a high number of call attempts.

When compliance rules are enforced, the power dialing software ensures that sales reps don’t call after legal hours and respects DNC compliance requests. Power dialing software will help your sales reps contact more prospects and keep your numbers from being tagged as "spam likely" because they are not predictive dialer calls but enhanced one-to-one phone calls.

Benefits of a Power Dialer

Different power dialing software has various features that enhance contact rates. A power dialer may feature sales scripts, pre-recorded voice mails, call recordings, and the ability to make notes. Some power dialers also feature rules that determine which leads are available to be called.

With the right power dialer, sales teams save time and can improve contact rates to above 65% on internet leads. Salespeople will improve win rates and accelerate time to close more efficiently, responding to new opportunities. With a strong sales cadence, older leads never slip through the cracks.

ClickPoint Power Dialing Software Advantages

Lead Prioritization

Lead Prioritization

Prioritize leads and guide salespeople to make the next call, text, email, or schedule the next appointment.

Local Presence

Local Presence

Call more leads with integrated click-to-dial, power dial, and preview dial with local presence. Purchase individual area codes and increase contact rates.

Sales Scripts

Sales Scripts

Create dynamic sales scripts to help your sales team get off the ground fast without a ton of training.

Notifications & Screen Pops

Notifications & Screen Pops

Respond to new leads instantly with a notification and screen pop for phone calls, opened emails, text replies, and upcoming appointments.

Pre-Recorded Voicemails

Pre-Recorded Voicemails

Salespeople can create pre-recorded voicemails that they can leave with the click of a button, saving time between calls, while improving dial efficiency.

Call Transfer

Call Transfer

Salespeople can directly transfer calls to other salespeople or teams and other queues with the click of a button.

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