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What is Lead Selling Software?

Performance marketers and lead generation companies sell huge quantities of sales leads. Managing the compliance, qualification, and delivery of those leads is no small task.

Invoicing and collecting payments can be complicated and time-consuming. This is where lead selling software or lead distribution software comes into play.

Lead selling software captures leads from marketing campaigns, internal websites, landing pages, other lead sellers or affiliates.

Additionally, lead selling software might include call routing with IVR, pay-per-call, and live call transfers.

Lead buyers have different preferences when buying. A good lead selling solution should provide a wide range of options for lead routing.

A good lead selling solution will consist
of the following functionality:

Lead Capture

Lead Capture

Lead capture is collecting information about potential customers. This information can include a phone number, email address, geographical location, and interest or intent to purchase.

Generating leads occurs via methods like PPC or SEO as well as landing pages and web pages. Internet leads are captured via integrations with lead capture software or form providers like Unbounce, WuFoo, Formstack, and ClickFunnels.

Lead selling software should also provide documentation for other vendors to post leads directly into the system. These leads can then be delivered to lead buyers immediately after qualification.

Lead Compliance

Lead Compliance

Lead compliance rules are constantly changing. Your lead selling solution should be up to date with new regulations like DNC and TCPA.

The Telephone Communication Privacy Act (TCPA) requires consent from leads before contacting them via phone, email, or text. Your landing pages and website should include consent forms, and you should maintain consent certificates in order to be compliant.

A good lead selling solution provides TCPA validation and certification to ensure you capture compliant leads.

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification

A good lead selling platform prevents bad, fraudulent, or non-compliant internet leads from reaching buyers and sales teams. It can qualify internet leads and phone calls in real-time and then distribute those leads very quickly.

Lead qualification should include address standardization, duplicate lead removal, and phone verification to ensure that leads are of the highest quality. The lead qualification process is paramount to retaining customers or keeping sales teams engaged with qualified leads.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring in lead selling software compiles a score based on lead quality. Scoring criteria will calculate value and likelihood of conversion based on ideal customer attributes or activities.

Lead scoring helps you identify good lead sources and affiliates and weed out bad lead sources. Lead scoring also helps strengthen the relationship between you and your lead buyers. You can build a trusting relationship with your lead buyers by showing positive lead scores.

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Lead Routing

Lead Routing

Once leads are captured, qualified, and checked for compliance, lead software delivers them to buyers based on buyer preferences.

Lead routing criteria consist of location-specific information like state, area code, or zip code. It can also include other, buyer-defined criteria, specific to the buyer's requirements. Lead routing should happen quickly to ensure that buyers have the best opportunity to connect with interested leads.

The software should also offer all available technical methods for routing your leads directly into other software solutions. These options typically include XML, ping-post, HTTP Post, Get, call routing and email delivery.

Lead Orders & Invoicing

Lead Orders & Invoicing

Not all lead buyers have the same requirements. Large companies buy leads and provide terms for invoicing, while small companies generally pay by credit card with a lead order.

Lead ordering is critical to lead sales. Lead ordering allows you to sell leads that don't meet the requirements of larger buyers, to smaller buyers.

Your lead selling software should make it easy for buyers to place orders based on their preferences. Buyers should be able to supply a credit card, and easily set or pause orders.

Invoices should be created based on the number of leads ordered, purchased, or delivered to your larger buyers that require invoicing.

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