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Setting Up a Sales Process for an Inbound Call Center, so Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

Dec 13, 2016Sales Tips
Simplicity in your inbound call center will improve sales performance I was just at NextCon in Phoenix, a great show put on by the cloud-communication company; Nextiva. At the convention Steve Wozniak spoke about his life and time at Apple. When asked about his recommendation for creating innovative products, he said that the number one…Read More

3 Ways To Keep Any Inside Sales Team Active This Holiday Season

Nov 30, 2016Sales Tips
I am sure you are excited to enjoy the Holiday season just like everyone else, but if you are like me, a sales manager, you fear the holidays. You are most likely nervous that your inside sales team will slow to a crawl. ¬†First, no matter what type of company you work for, you answer to someone, and they want a push to close out the end of the year with a bang.  Read More