Elevate and Scale Your
Sales Team

SalesExec with RingResponse™ will help your sales team effortlessly engage with potential
customers at the right time with the customer's preferred communication method.

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SalesExec with RingResponse

More Leads. More Dials. Radically Improved Sales Performance.

Reach and Engage with More Prospects

Outbound Dialing and
Inbound IVR

Enable salespeople to move from inbound calls to outbound dials quickly. Increase sales activity by 200% or more.

Be the first to reach every prospect and lead, increasing contact rate by 50% or more, by dialing from local numbers.

Get new salespeople off the ground fast with dynamic sales scripts launched on every inbound call or outbound dial.

Pre-recorded voicemail messages help your salespeople move from lead to lead without wasting valuable time.

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Lead management
Local presence dialing
Sales manager scripts
Voicemail drop

Track & Measure Every Online and Offline Generated Lead

Marketing Channels, Lead
Sources, Campaigns

Track marketing budgets, lead cost, campaign performance, and lead source ROI.

Route calls instantly to queues within your organization from any online or offline marketing sources.

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Marketing Channels, Lead Sources, Campaigns
IVR call flow

Automated Lead Prioritization to Improve Conversion

Lead Prioritization

Deliver internet leads and phone calls to the best salespeople, improving lead conversion while scaling sales operations.

Ensure your team is TCPA and DNC compliant. DNC list aggregation with the ability to access and update via REST API.

Create rules for delivering leads and phone calls to salespeople and teams, in real-time, using a variety of distribution rules like salesperson performance, time zone, salesperson activity, shotgun delivery, round-robin, territory, lead age, and more.

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Lead prioritization
Automated lead distribution

Quickly Pinpoint Areas for Improvement

Sales Performance

Pinpoint sales performance and understand who qualifies for more leads and calls.

Ensure every lead is called the optimal amount of times. Uncover gaps in your team performance, lead quantity issues, or staffing needs.

Find out which distribution strategies like Push, SharkTank, Round Robin, or Shotgun work best for your team.

Discover which lead sources are returning the greatest ROI. Track online, offline, CPC, third-party lead sources, and manage marketing budgets.

Create visual reports that encourage your sales culture. Improve team collaboration and sales camaraderie.

Create and share real-time reports with other sales locations and managers.

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Sales performance report
Lead penetration report
Lead distribution report
Lead source report
Sales scoreboard
Lead management dashboard
30% Reduction in Lead Cost
66% Improvement in Salesperson Productivity
20% Improvement in Converted Leads
200% Increase in Salesperson Activity
3-10 s Avg. Lead Response Time
SalesExec lead management brochure

SalesExec Brochure

Sales Engagement with Lead Management, designed to simplify the sales process and improve the number of meaningful conversations between salespeople and potential customers.


RingResponse lead dialing brochure

RingResponse Brochure

Inbound call routing with an outbound call prioritization and dialing solution. Improve both inbound call handling and outbound dialing with text messaging.



Amazing Onboard and Post Implementation Support

  • Dedicated success manager and onboarding team
  • Sales workflow process designed specifically for you
  • Rapid response and industry best SLA

Rapid Deployment and User Adoption

SalesExec Lead Manager is designed to be user friendly with minimal training required. The ClickPoint team is available via email, chat, and phone to assist you through your implementation process.

Azure Cloud

Highly Reliable and Scalable

Trust that your lead management, call tracking, and lead distribution solutions are accessible 24x7. Solutions are hosted in the cloud with Microsoft Azure, the most secure and reliable hosting solution in the world.

SalesExec Features

Sales Workflows

Create multiple sales workflows with customized lead status

User Permissions

Multiple user permission levels and account hierarchy

Lead Fields

Add lead fields with field permissions

Import & Exports

Import lead lists, add leads, and export leads

Campaign Tracking

Track Marketing Channel, Campaign, and Lead Source ROI

Lead Source Integration

Integrate third party lead sources

Email Nurture

Automated email nurture with email template designer

Text SMS

Text SMS delivery with compliant messaging solution


Webhooks to update lead data or extract lead data

Push or Pull

Lead routing options include Push and Pull strategies

Lead Prioritization

Prioritize lead assignment based on criteria, first in, state calling hours, teams, and more


Respond to leads instantly via iOS or Android mobile device

Call Distribution

Intelligent Routing: Shotgun, Queues, Criteria, Forwarding, Redirect

User Availability

Salespeople opt to receive calls or set as unavailable

Dynamic Sales Scripts

Interactive sales scripts to help salespeople convert inbound calls

Real-time Notifications

Salespeople receive real-time inbound call notifications

Call Flows

Configure queues, redirect calls, messages, text to speech

Purchase Numbers

Purchase 1-800 or local numbers

Local Presence

Dial leads from local area codes

Voicemail Drops

Pre-recorded voicemails delivered instantly

Lead Disposition

Update leads with status and action

Suggested Leads

Pull leads and allow prioritization


State calling hours and DNC list management

Sales Stats

View real-time team performance

Call Recording

Listen to calls for coaching opportunities

Automated Email

Deliver emails based on lead status and action

Transfer Calls

Team members can pre-screen calls and transfer