• SalesExec Lead Management

    Learn how ClickPoint lead management can accelerate your sales process and integrate with your sales flow, including call, text, email, and lead provider sync.

  • Inbound Call Routing

    Convert more inbound leads with automated call routing, IVR, and call transfer capabilities to help your sales teams capture and convert more leads.

  • Power Dialer

    Contact more leads and prospects with the SalesExec Power Dialer.

  • Mobile App

    Reach more leads via phone, text or email with ClickPoint’s mobile app.

  • SMS Marketing

    Engage more prospects with texting software: quickly send either a manual or nurture Text SMS to any lead or prospect. Try SMS automation now.

  • Email Marketing

    Nurture prospects and leads with automated sales sequences, cold emails, free email templates, and follow-ups. Win more deals with email automation.

  • Reporting

    Quickly analyze both sales and lead source performance with real-time sales dashboards, scoreboards, and marketing reports.

  • LeadExec Lead Distribution

    LeadExec - The ultimate lead distribution software for performance marketers to capture, qualify, distribute, and sell leads.

  • Lead Selling Software

    LeadExec helps lead generation companies, and performance marketers sell their leads

  • Ping-Post

    LeadExec helps lead generation companies route leads via ping-post using a ping-tree

  • Live Call Transfer

    Live call transfers provide high value, high premium leads to buyers instantly

  • Pay-Per-Call

    LeadExec call tracking and pay-per-call software using AI for more call and text-generated leads

  • Live Call Transfer

    Live call transfers provide high value, high premium leads to buyers instantly

Solutions by Industry
  • Mortgage

    Built-in mortgage best practices for inbound and outbound sales that ensure mortgage sales teams engage with and convert more leads and prospects.

  • Debt Settlement

    Contact and close more debt settlement leads with SalesExec.

  • Education

    ClickPoint is the simplest to implement solution designed to help enrollment counselors and advisors to efficiently onboard and enroll more students.

  • Home Services

    Clients in the home service sector rely on ClickPoint lead management software to move the needle, capturing more ROI from sales leads and marketing channels.

  • Travel

    Lead management and sales engagement solution for travel agents and tourism agencies to assist in calling, emailing, and responding to leads and customers.

  • Solar

    Solar companies maximize ROI with ClickPoint’s Solar CRM.

Solutions by Role
  • Outbound Sales

    Reach prospects and leads with the right sales engagement methods at the right time, leading to more meaningful conversations.

  • Sales Manager

    Over 14,000 sales people depend on ClickPoint for bullet-proof lead management. Analyze, coach, and scale your team. Close more leads in less time.

  • Marketing Manager

    ClickPoint easily integrates with your sales and marketing solutions with rapid on-boarding, clear ROI and unparalleled support.

  • Onboarding and Support

    Work with a dedicated customer success manager dedicated to helping you unlock all of the features to help you win more deals.

  • Help Center

    Read our many help articles, watch product videos.

  • Security & Reliability

    Overview of the ClickPoint reliability assurances, data security, privacy, and data retention policies.

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    Download product documents, and get more detailed information, case studies, and features found in ClickPoint Software.

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    Get inspiration with our weekly blog posts and level up your sales engagement, lead management, and marketing strategies.

  • Developer Resources

    Receive access to our API for ClickPoint Software.

  • SalesExec System Status

    View real-time reliability reporting and subscribe to notifications.

  • LeadExec System Status

    View real-time reliability reporting and subscribe to notifications.

  • SalesExec Pricing

    See pricing for ClickPoint's all-in-one lead management and communication software to help you reach and convert more of your leads to paying customers.

  • LeadExec Pricing

    Pick a plan that works for you, featuring Inbound Lead and Call Capture, Lead Delivery, Vendor Management, Lead Orders and Invoices.

Case Studies
  • Mortgage

    See how ClickPoint lead management software serves up best fit leads based on a variety of factors. Close more leads in less time.

  • Call Center

    Helping call centers convert more leads and sales teams communicate with more of their prospects, ClickPoint drives a 122% lift in qualified lead volume.

  • Travel

    Learn how travel agencies convert more leads with ClickPoint lead management. Montrose Travel doubled sales headcount in less than 60 days.

  • Franchise

    See how SalesExec enables Steinway & Sons to route Internet leads to dealers and franchisees, streamlining sales efforts and boosting ROI.

  • Home Services

    See how ClickPoint reduced response time on leads from 30 minutes to less than 5, helping to close more deals, increasing productivity by 66%.

  • About Us

    ClickPoint Software manages sales leads from capture to sale to distribution to sales engagement and conversion.

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    Read lead management software reviews from small to enterprise customers across many different industries.

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    The ClickPoint partner program was designed to support partners that want to sell ClickPoint Software, while being compensated with recurring commission.

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