Last Updated January 8, 2020

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Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy describes actions that ClickPoint Lead Management (ClickPoint Lead Management) and RingResponse ("RingResponse") prohibits when using its website and services (the "Services"). The terms "you," "you're," and "yours" refer to the customer. Our Terms of Service govern the Acceptable Use Policy. Our Terms of Service take precedence over any conflicting Acceptable Use Policy provision. Full terms of service are found in the billing section of your account. By using RingResponse, ClickPoint Lead Management, and LeadExec via the ClickPoint website or downloadable software application, you consent to the terms and conditions of this acceptable use policy. If you do not agree to this acceptable use policy, please do not use the website, application, API’s and services.

ClickPoint Software may in its sole discretion determine whether you violate this Acceptable Use Policy. The Services may be used only for lawful purposes and may not be used for any illegal activities. Using the Services in an illegal, abusive or any other manner that interferes with or diminishes others' use and enjoyment of the Services is prohibited.

The following list gives examples of illegal, abusive, interfering or otherwise unacceptable or inappropriate behavior while using the Services. This list is provided by way of example and shall not be considered exhaustive.


Violation of this Acceptable Use Policy may result in the immediate suspension or termination of Your account, civil and criminal liability, and ClickPoint may, in addition to any remedy that it may have at law or in equity, terminate permission for You to use the Services. In such event, You are still liable for any outstanding charges accumulated through Your use of the Services, including uses in violation of this Acceptable Use Policy or the laws of any jurisdiction. Also, ClickPoint Software may investigate incidents that are contrary to this Acceptable Use Policy and provide requested information to third parties who have provided notice to ClickPoint Software stating that they have been harmed by your failure to abide by this Acceptable Use Policy. ClickPoint Software’s failure to enforce this policy in every instance in which it might have application does not amount to a waiver of ClickPoint's rights hereunder.

Changes to The Acceptable Use Policy

We reserve the right to change the Acceptable Use Policy from time to time without notice by posting changes to the ClickPoint Software website. When we do, we will also revise the "last update" date of the Acceptable Use Policy.

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This Acceptable Use Policy is updated as of January 8, 2020.