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Nov 28, 2011Lead Generation System

We’ve harped on the value of generating leads through social networks for a while now. Creating a strategy to increase your social media presence will undoubtedly increase your brand awareness as well as generate new leads for you to sell to. Landing pages on Facebook are the perfect place to funnel prospective customers to your user forms or website, and Twitter is perfect for spreading viral messages, increasing awareness, and keeping in touch with customers. But the problem with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn is they’re so large that it can be hard to get your voice heard. While the jury is still out on whether Google+ is going to be the next big thing, here are three social networks that are the perfect place for small and creative companies to gain a fast following.


Instagram is a photo-sharing app that makes it easy for anyone with an iPhone to snap a photo, apply a filter and share it with friends on Instagram and other networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. The filters offer an added sense of creativity and “color correction” — perfect for amateur photographers.

ModCloth, an online retailer of vintage and retro clothing from independent designers, joined Instagram this summer. After creating an account, ModCloth discovered a strong pre-existing fashion community.

“Many of our employees, including our co-founder and CCO Susan Gregg Koger, were already huge fans of the platform. So, we were very enthusiastic about joining in on the conversation and we found their mission similar to ours,” says ModCloth’s Alicia Barnes. “We want to make fashion accessible to all women, and Instagram makes beautiful photography possible from your iPhone.”

ModCloth shares Instagram images a few times each day — everything from marketing campaign images and photo shoot accessories to bloggers and staffers donning Modcloth’s trendy clothes


When Pinterest first launched, we felt like it was geared more towards craft-centric moms who had too many projects they wanted to do with too little time to actually complete them. Things have slowly changed though and Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most interesting social networks on the web. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, the website and app serves as a virtual design “pinboard.” On Pinterest, people can “pin” items they find on the web — everything from recipes and home décor to DIY crafts and style inspirations. Pinterest is one of the best places to convert people into becoming ambassadors of your brand. By curating an interesting Pinterest account, you’ll see engagement with your company increase, as well as referrals to your website, where you can then capture new leads.

ModCloth joined Pinterest in the fall of 2011, but it’s already one of ModCloth.com’s top unpaid referral sites in terms of traffic and revenue. Why? According to Barnes, it’s thanks to “product photography and blog content that resonates with their audience.” ModCloth has approximately 7,000 pins tagged on Pinterest, and 99% of them are from advocates of the ModCloth brand and products, she adds.


Foodspotting helps you decide what to eat, not just where, by enabling you to find whatever you’re craving, see what’s good at a particular restaurant and discover the best foods around you wherever you go. According to locals of Gainesville, Florida, the city boasts a wide selection of independent restaurants — hidden gems that residents new and old may need help discovering. As director of social media and marketing for apartment company Contemporary Management Concepts (CMC), Melanie Ling wanted to use her love of food to create new connections with local residents and differentiate her property selection from the competition. Then, she discovered Foodspotting, an app that draws attention to specific dishes offered at local restaurants.

Ling realized the service could help CMC connect with local businesses and residents — both key referral sources — while also providing a “value add” to existing residents. As she explains: “The food here is really good. Why not start sharing it as content for the blog and our residents?”

In addition to sharing more than 150 photos on Foodspotting, Ling took the food-focused concept a step further by writing restaurant-review blog posts and hosting an “eat up” for local Foodspotters (another helpful way to connect with potential residents and referral sources).

Ling says incorporating Foodspotting into CMC’s online presence has helped the company develop relationships with local businesses, some of which have referred new employees to CMC apartments.

Tips For Going Niche

If you’re a smaller company, you might not have enough resources to dedicate to every social network on the internet. Generating leads via social networks isn’t a “set it and forget it” type of scheme. It takes nurturing and maintenance. Twitter is a great place, but you might get more traction on one of the smaller networks. Figuring out where your company can make the biggest dent can be tricky. Members of these communities won’t respond well to advertising messages; instead, take the time to understand the networks’ specific culture and then determine how to assimilate and participate in a manner that supports overall goals, such as increased brand loyalty and awareness.

According to Barnes, “Participation should be consistent and authentic, behavior that makes sense for site etiquette. These niche communities, as strong as they are on their own, cannot exist in a silo. For them to truly succeed, they must be part of your larger brand story and be supported by the other channels.”

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