Live Call Transfers vs. Internet Lead Round #1

Mar 03, 2009Lead Generation System
One of the benefits of being a software provider to both lead sellers and lead buyers is data metrics.  We have the ability to work with lead scoring, reporting, and metrics that can give us valuable insight into the world of leads. Which leads work best? I will tell it like it is.  If you want to spend less time chasing leads there is a strong movement towards offline marketing like radio, tv, and direct mail.  These avenues are helping companies spend less time trying to chase down leads.  However, if you have the right software that can help you make educated decisions, leads generated online can be more cost effective.  It all comes down to cost per closed deal.Read More

ClickPoint – The Beginning

Dec 02, 2008Business & Life
I wanted to start our blog off with the story of how we became ClickPoint.  I think it’s always important to get a good feel for an organization before you do business with them.  In all truthfulness I never imagined that I would be running a software company. I got my started working for a site called I always envisioned myself working as the head of an ad agency, marketing company, or some kind of organization where I could use the creative side.  It all happened about 6 years ago when I got my first real experience working with programmers and developers on small projects for a marketing company where I was vice president.  I immediately saw that although you have to be much more patient with software there is tremendous opportunity to use your creative attributes.Read More