Lead Distribution Vendor Portal Released

Feb 07, 2010Lead Generation System
This is an exciting release for us here at ClickPoint Software because it will benefit our LeadExec customers and their relationships with lead sources and marketing partners. The vendor portal is a web-based portal for marketing partners who are working with LeadExec customers. The newly released portal allows these marketing partners to log into a branded web portal that is fully customizable by our LeadExec customers.Read More

How to Create Leads with Pay Per Click

Jan 26, 2010Lead Generation System
Our focus today is on CPC and what a CPC specialist does to create unique leads that have high quality and ROI. CPC Definition – Cost Per Click (this is a great way to augment your SEO efforts and create more unique leads.) To review, there is a set criteria we use in order to…Read More

SEO How to Get Your Website to Rank Organically

Jan 21, 2010Lead Generation System
If you own a website you need to listen to this interview. This interview will save you time, money, and will provide you with practical advice for helping your website rank organically. Nathan has been working in the SEO field for many years and provides some simple rules for success. I will recap the components…Read More

What Contact Time Means to Your Bottomline

Jan 19, 2010Lead Generation System
I am going to make this really simple. The faster you can speak with someone interested in your product or service, the better off you are at closing the business. In some industries this varies. If you’re an electrician, plumber, or hazardous waste removal service you can bet if you don’t talk to a lead quickly they will get someone else that can help them instantly. When we designed our pull based method of lead delivery we thought of these types of fields where it is crucial that the consumer speak with the service provider instantly or very quickly. In most cases we have been able to help our customers reduce the time between a lead applying on their site or being received by a lead source and contact.Read More

Interview With Sylvia Brekke of Phoenix Youth at Risk

Jan 13, 2010Business & Life
This is Gabriel Buck CEO at ClickPoint Software with my interview series of guests I think can bring value to ClickPoint customers and anyone who reads this blog. I often interview experts in the online marketing industry and successful lead based businesses owners. Today I am interviewing someone who can tell us about something I find to be instrumental in the success of many entrepreneurs.Read More