Lead Management 800 IVR Call Routing

Dec 10, 2009Lead Generation System
Today we announced a really cool new feature here at ClickPoint Software. I always love it when we find a way to take something currently done in the industry and make it better. 800 IVR call routing is not new. It has been around for awhile now but from what we have seen there have…Read More

Lead Generation and the Provider

Oct 20, 2009Lead Generation System
Making the Grade will be my new series that focuses on one online marketing and lead generation company per month.  The purpose of these interviews is to learn from companies that are successful.  I want lead buying customers to know what a solid lead source sounds like without all of the hard sell and hype.  For the first time lead buyers will be able to hear what questions should really be asked of a lead source before doing business with them.  Lead companies will hear what it’s like to run a successful lead company.  You will learn what challenges a lead company faces in the current economic environment and what opportunities are still available.Read More

Lead Management Time Zone and Elapsed Time

Sep 27, 2009Lead Generation System
I really like this update and so do our customers.  This update allows our customers to not only view the time the lead is inserted into their system but also elapsed time since it has been touched.  You can see how long a lead is sitting and you can see the time zone that the lead resides in with +1, +2, or +3 to tell you how many hours there is between your time zone and the leads time zone.Read More

Leadership is a Response to Environment

Jul 13, 2009Business & Life
Have you ever heard that leadership in a company is a lot like a farmer and his garden? The farmer picks the lot, tills the soil, plants the seeds, and then watches as his garden grows. In a small technology company it is imperative that leadership comes from the top but even more essential is that there is an environment for other leaders to emerge. If there is one thing I have learned over the years it’s to not be intimidated by people that bring something different to the table. The best leaders are not intimidated by other great leaders as the Corporate Communication Training Course with CJM explains. They give them the proper environment and conditions and let the leaders take the company to new heights. This may be difficult for some leaders but it is absolutely essential to any technology start up.Read More