Is Your Website Really Built to Maximize Sales Leads?

Dec 06, 2016Lead Generation System
Some company websites are lead generating machines, while others just kind of sit there without doing much of anything. Which kind of lead generation website does your company have? Internet marketing firm Straight North recently published the white paper 10 Ways to Make Your Lead Generation Website Convert on the First Visit to give businesses…Read More

CPC Lead Generation Campaigns Cannot Be Your Only Source of Leads

May 11, 2012Lead Generation System
Cost Per Click (CPC)lead generation campaigns (CPC) are valuable traffic drivers. They can give you a nice boost while you’re trying to ramp up other lead generation strategies. The only problem is that CPC could be doing a lot more considering that half the time the ads don’t work. We’ve always recommended that CPC should only account for 20% of a company’s lead generation strategy. Betting the bank on CPC is one of the most unhealthy ways to try to gain long term success, and new research is proving this to be true.Read More

The Benefits Of Lead Generation Through Content Marketing

Mar 21, 2012Lead Generation System
Many small businesses struggle with making the most of their precious marketing dollars. There are dozens of lead generation marketing strategies a company can attempt, but not all are created equal, nor will they all yield the same results and benefits. With marketing and PR, it’s not so easy to measure ROI, especially when it comes to something like content marketing. Content marketing focuses on creation and dissemination of interesting content with the goal of attracting a specific audience to source for leads. Here’s what you can get for your dollars when you invest in a lead generation strategy based on content marketing.Read More